South Asia Cloud & Datacenter Digital Summit

Fri, 22nd Jan 2021, 2pm – 4.45pm (GMT+5.30)
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The South Asian region is witnessing a huge surge in data consumption as internet, smart devices, social media, OTT platforms and technologies like cloud and IoT, have become an ubiquitous part of our lives.

With over 650 million Internet users, India takes up a leading position compared to growing economies like Bangladesh, SriLanka, Nepal and Bhutan making it a lucrative destination for data center and cloud investments.

Increased digitalization, smart cities initiatives, digital inclusion efforts and push for data localisation by the Government has encouraged both local and international colocation and cloud players to also explore the untapped countries within the South Asian region.

Despite these developments, every country within South Asia has to deal with regional issues around connectivity, capacity, scalability and cyber security.

Join W. Media team at South Asia Data center and Cloud Summit where experts  deep dive into emerging market trends, data center and cloud technologies, opportunities and regional challenges specific to South Asia.

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Our Conference Agenda:

1400[Showtime] Welcome Address
Host: W.Media
1405[Keynote] Navigating India’s data protection & data Center policy
This session will take you through an in depth journey of how the data protection & data center policy has gone through major changes in the past few years and how it’s going to help enterprises in the future to keep data secure.
Dr. Neeta Verma, Director General, NIC (MEITY)
1425[Keynote] Edge computing in the era of cloud
The IoT effect has created the need for more compute, network and storage capacity closer to the end user, to meet the demand for staggering bandwidth and allow critical decisions to be made at the source, while at the same time ensuring low latency. That criticality can only be served through edge computing. However, therein lie the challenges. How do you effectively deploy, manage, monitor, or administer an edge world in the era of cloud tech?
Mr. Golok Kumar Simli, Chief of Technology, Ministry of External Affairs, India
1440 [Panel Discussion] Data center Investment Scenario in South Asia.
This session discusses a broad view on the current and future investments planned in the South Asian region. What are the factors driving growth in data center investments.
Swati Khandelwal, Executive Editor, Zee Business
Rahul Dhar, Country Director – Data Centers, Microsoft Corporation
Varoon Raghavan, COO & Co Founder, Princeton Digital Group
MD Kamal Hossain, Managing Director, Dhaka Colo Ltd
Jonathan Atkin, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets
Sridhar Pinapureddy, CEO & Founder, Ctrls & Cloud4C Services
1520 [Panel Discussion] Building sustainable and energy smart data centers
Data centers are power guzzlers and pose a massive threat to climate sustainability. With the Government enabling private sectors to build data center parks in India, there will be a huge surge in demand for power and cooling systems which will have an adverse impact on the environment. How can the data center industry achieve sustainability and address environmental considerations during solution design as well as during the build?
John Booth, Consultant, Carbon3IT Ltd
Amit Saxena, Global Deputy CTO, State Bank of India
Ujjyaini Mitra, Chief Data Officer, ZEE + ZEE5 (India & Global)
Sreejith G, AVP – Data Center Operations, ST Telemedia GDC
1610Panel Discussion] How did the pandemic impact a business continuity plan and what is the way forward?
Most organisations were impacted by the sudden occurrence of the Covid 19 pandemic. CIOs needed to quickly redesign and scale their IT infrastructure and operations to support this new way of working. How did they go about doing this? How did the digital transformation efforts get impacted due to the pandemic? How are CIOs and their technology teams returning to ‘business as usual’, as this pandemic subsides.
Khushru Mistry, CIO & SVP, Eureka Forbes Ltd
Chirag Boonlia, Group CTO, Embassy Group
Ravinder Singh, Chief Information & Innovation Officer, Vistara
Sandeep V Dandekar, EVP – Procurement & Asset Management, Netmagic Solutions

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