Singapore Sling – DC / Cloud Convention Powers Forward

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Singapore Sling – DC / Cloud Convention Powers Forward

Singapore Sling – DC / Cloud Convention Powers Forward

Marina Bay Sands Convention Center plays host to the inaugural Global Selection Convention and APAC Datacenters Convention. On the 3rd July, 2018 new startup company, W.Media launched into the data centre and cloud convention market powered by a team of long serving professional data center and technology conference/convention convenors. By having so much experience behind them, it was sure to be a success.

A global B2B technology marketing agency that specialises in PR, media and events. With founders having over 15 years of combined experience, help uplift brands through personalised experiences and engagement with the marketplace.

W.Media is a multi-hyphenated technology media organisation established by a team of experienced professionals who fully understand marketing, your business, and the industry that you serve. They help to re-position transforming businesses in the marketplace; to penetrate unique and new markets with a 360 marketing approach; to connect businesses through innovative platforms.

“Our mission at W.Media is to be leaders in building personalised customer experience and driving a new era of brand and product communication.”

So, it was no surprise that the day was very well received by delegates, sponsors and consultants alike.

As we are aware, the data centre space has changed significantly over the past decade. After a bit of a lull in the industry a few years back, we have seen a rapid growth and uptake in the colocation / cloud space. More businesses and organisations are now seeing the benefits of more secure and faster connectivity making this space all the more attractive.

The purpose of these conventions that W.Media convene, is to bring together likeminded people, such as yourselves, to explore, exchange, discover and interact with your peers and providers. And in so doing, provide you with information ideas and contacts to accomplish the best possible outcomes for your business or organisation whether you are a provider, consultant or an end user. The whole crux of it all is to gain knowledge. These conventions will help provide you with that.

OK, so let’s have a look at the details.

The convention was conducted over two large delegate halls and a expansive and spacious exhibition come meeting hall where literally hundreds of delegates could convene without stepping on each other’s toes. So much better than a lot of conferences I have seen in the past.

The conventions were dominated by a series of informative moderated discussion panels and guest speakers, some of whose topics were not directly related to the data centre or cloud space, but had some very pertinent messages around change, severe crisis management and turning failure in to success. We listened to —

  • William Hung with his motivational speech “Against all odds” has encouraged professionals who are facing challenges in the midst of the rapid transformation of data centers and IT. You may remember him from his failed audition in 2004 at the American Idol contest.
  • Mohd Fuad Sharuji who is the Vice President Operations Control Centre for Malaysia Airlines with his very moving keynote presentation about the crisis management of the MH370 and MH17 disasters
  • Karen Leung who is a regular feature on television, radio and print. Karen’s keynote topic, “Thriving on Change in a Disruptive World” epitomise the agenda of this year’s Global Selection Convention 2018.
  • Mr Zhong Jinghua Chairman of the China Data Center Committee (CDCC) & Vice-Chairman of Professional Information Communication Commission of China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization (CECS) who was a very rare inclusion indeed.

The line-up of top speakers across APAC throughout the conference was a credit to the organising committee and their ability to source some of the best that APAC has to offer.

Other informative speakers and panel sessions included —

  • Market Insights to Data Center Growth and Trends 2018-2023
  • Data Center Site Selection & Key Considerations across Japan, South Korea and China
  • Selecting Cloud and Data Centres
  • The future of Data Centres
  • Revival of the Ageing Data Centers in Asia Pacific
  • Hyperscale Data Center Design & Operations in China
  • Operation Pitfalls and Successes in Data Center Migration and Disaster Recovery

Some further innovation to this convention saw the introduction of a technology bench with scheduled times for delegates to speak with and view demonstrations put on by the various sponsors. There was also a media centre in the exhibition hall where a series of public interviews were held.

To round off, the convention saw in excess of 700 professional delegates in attendance and 33 well recognised sponsors supporting the event.

I had the opportunity to walk around the exhibition hall and chat with all the sponsors and a number of senior level and operational delegates and consultants. The consensus was all the same that the event was great, a huge success for an inaugural convention.

To sum it up, from the mouth of a Multinational FSI —-

“The standalone speakers were really good, really well presented and informative with good ideas and background. I think the Malaysia Airlines was a fantastic presentation… It’s these types of cross business insights that add real value to a DC conference”

– Head TS Infrastructure Services, Data Centre Services

The next event sees W.Media head to

  • the Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia for the Cloud and Datcentres Convention to be held on the 5th September 2018.
  • then to Connexion, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for Malaysia’s first all-inclusive Cloud and Data Centre Event on 8th November 2018.
  • and for all those who loved the Singapore event, W.Media will be back there on 11th July 2019 for the Global Selection Convention and APAC Datacentres Convention. (ed. book your tickets early for this one)

Keen to know more about the agility in designing & operating of Data Centers – especially in the Asia Pacific Market? Data Center professionals like Spencer Denyer and over 300 data center and telco providers, end-users, consultants and system integrators across Asia Pacific will uncover all their knowledge at the Indonesia Convention: Cloud & Datacenters 2018, 5 September 2018 at Fairmont Hotel Jakarta, organised by W.Media.

Indonesia Convention’s Conference Page is also now live, our programs will keep you occupied & we have more coming along the way. Registration is also now opened for Indonesia Convention.

If you wish to visit any of the data centers in Asia, feel free to reach out to our event concierge team to plan an itinerary for you. Email or call +65 3159 3210 for more information.


Spencer Denyer

Chief Editor, W.Media

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