Samsung begins mass production of SSDs for hyperscale data centers

Tech conglomerate Samsung has announced that it has begun mass production of its most advanced line of data center chips.

Dubbed the PM9A3, the SSD is built with the company’s sixth-generation V-NAND memory technology, a cell layer stacking method that increases the volume of data a chip is capable of carrying. PM9A3 has a sequential write speed of 3000MB/s, a 40 percent higher random read speed of 750,000 IOPS and a 150 percent higher random write speed of 160,000 IOPS.

Input/output per second (IOPS) is the measurement unit for how fast SSDs and hard drives are able to read and process data.

In terms of write speed, the chip is also 50 percent more energy efficient compared to its predecessors at 283MB/s per watt, making it highly suitable for modern data center facilities that place emphasis on green, renewable sources.

Why are SSDs so important?

SSDs form the core of a high capacity data center. Exponential cloud and 5G growth on a global scale means a demand for more data centers due to a need to store higher volumes of data, and this means a need for more powerful SSDs.

“Wider 5G deployment and accelerating growth in IoT devices are fuelling a hyperconnected lifestyle, driving the demand for more sophisticated hyperscale data centers,” said Cheolmin Park, Vice President of Memory Product Planning at Samsung.

“Providing an optimal mix of performance, power, reliability and firmware, we believe our new PM9A3 will help advance today’s data center storage technologies and expand the market for OCP-compliant SSDs.” he added.

On top of that, the PM9A3 is equipped with security features including user data encryption and authentication, and secure boot and anti-rollback mechanisms to block out unauthorised malware and ensure robust data protection.


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