Varun Mittal

By November 9, 2020

Varun Mittal

Global Emerging Markets FinTech Leader | EY

Varun has been the Global Emerging Markets FinTech Leader since 2018. In this role, he has led the FinTech business as well as managed revenue in 130 countries in emerging markets globally comprising over 100 professionals spread all over the world focused on building FinTech, blockchain, payment, digital bank, regulatory policy, national infrastructure and financial inclusion projects. Equipped with a keen understanding of the diverse and nuanced ASEAN region, he has also managed revenue planning and business development for 10 markets in the region with over 2,000 professionals working within the financial services industry.

Varun joined EY in 2017 as the ASEAN FinTech Leader and he has been a key member of the Asia Pacific FSO practice ever since. With his expertise in FinTech, Varun developed the EY Pathfinder, EY ASEAN Passport and EY Assured programs. He has also led key engagements with financial institutions and central banks across the region, including the likes of MAS and State Bank of Vietnam. Pivotal in go-to-market planning and FinTech sales, Varun has made significant contributions in growing the FSO’s ASEAN accounts. He is the youngest official media spokesperson of EY and has frequently championed EY’s value proposition and thought leadership in renowned media houses. Highly regarded for his effectiveness and personable demeanor by colleagues, clients and authorities alike, Varun is also recognized for his professionalism and dedication to consistently go above and beyond to enhance the FSO brand.


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