Toni Eid

By September 2019

Toni Eid

CEO | Trace Media

Toni began his career in media and publishing in 1985 and holds an experience of over 30 years in media, with over 14 years of expertise in the telecom media business as a Senior Analyst. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and is fluent in French, Arabic and English.
He is involved in international business in the Gulf, Europe, APAC and North America since 1986. He is a very active member of the telecom industry and participates at most industry events and forums around the world in some of which he was a Judge at many prestigious committee AWARDS.
In addition, Toni was a speaker and moderator at many events globally given his large knowledge of the telecom and ICT business. One of his latest activities in the Telecom media industry was at MWC Shanghai 2019 where he was a speaker and moderator of a panel discussion which covered a range of issues all pertaining to emerging tech. For the panel, a variety of leading innovators came together to discuss how they plan to revolutionize certain sectors by leveraging the benefits of emerging
technologies for the greater good of society.

Toni is the founder of one of the most successful Telecom media brands Telecom REVIEW – this is the world’s largest multi-language media with digital, print and app editions covering North America, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and Europe.

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