Dr. Tan Kian Hua

By October 2019

Dr. Tan Kian Hua

CISO | Insyghts Security Pte Ltd

Dr. Tan Kian Hua is currently holding a position as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in an Asia Pacific company in Singapore and also engaged by several other SMEs (small and Medium Enterprises) as their virtual CISO, advising on their local and overseas offices in the Asia Pacific. He also served as a consultant for cybersecurity system integrators to finetune their cybersecurity framework and to enhance their internal policy. He is also an adjunct professor with LIGS university, designing cybersecurity courses for the university, and also reviewed and assigned grades for students.

Dr. Tan expertise includes designing and implementing world-class cybersecurity solutions with machine learning abilities. He has spearheaded a team to build the first world-class defense cybersecurity infrastructure from scratch and rectified a cyberattack within one day, which average industry time is twenty-eight days. As a member of the association of information security professionals (AISP), he has numerous responsibilities at the local community, including creating and educating companies in cybersecurity-awareness. He is passionate to bring up the awareness of the importance of cybersecurity in all companies and continue to ensure a first-class standard for maintaining the cybersecurity procedures. speak).

Dr. Tan has helped companies to grow their business and increase profitability dramatically. Moreover, delivering results for any organization looking for a solution to expand their reach, revenues, and stay competitive. The companies he advised include SMB (small-medium business) from two man-size to large MNC (multi-national company) of six thousand staff strength. During his six years in an MNC, he was selected as a young leader undergoing their leadership program. And also the subject matter expert for IoT (Internet of things) and cybersecurity.

Dr.Tan completed his Ph.D. with a USA university with GPA of 3.8/4. His Ph.D. dissertation research topic is on “Internet of Things & Cyber Security Evolves Strategies Management” and awarded Distinction. He also holds a graduate diploma in Digital Forensics & Cyber Security from Aventis School of Management. Dr.Tan is also an Advanced Big Data Professional and has completed Executive Program in, Internet of Things: Business Implications and opportunities, and, Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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