Srinivas Rao

By March 2019

Srinivas Rao

Malaysia VMUG Leader | vExpert Pro

Srini is a community technology leader who has a total of 12 years experience. 8 of which he has spent with the leading Virtualisation company, VMware. He has been a customer advocate to build technology roadmaps which address all business goals. He has been responsible for building the Private Cloud Strategy for some of the leading Telecommunication and Financial institutions in the region. He is currently working as the Head of Cloud Services for a leading bank in SEA, he is on a mission to invade the “Cloud”.

He has a strong network of technology and business professionals across the world. He believes that the stronger the technical community is, the better it is for the adoption of technology and transformation to a greater economy.

Srini has grown from an end customer laptop and desktop support specialist to head the technology transformation, innovation and adoption for various organisations from Telecommunications, Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing industries.

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