Neil Cresswell

By August 2018

Neil Cresswell

Chief Executive Officer | CloudInovasi

Neil Cresswell is a technologist who has spent the last 15 years working with VMware Technologies, and more lately transitioned to emergent technologies such as Docker.

Neil is the founder of a company called, which is an open-source “human friendly” Management UI for Docker; the founder of, which is a Indonesia-centric Docker Container as a Service Provider (and which provided the initial inspiration for Portainer), and is the co-founder of a NZ company called Emerging Technology Partners (formally t/a ViFX).

Neil obtained initial exposure to Docker technologies through his previous role as CEO of IndonesianCloud, a Public Cloud provider based in Jakarta. At that time, he foresaw the transformative effect that Docker would bring and the impact it would have on traditional IaaS and Infrastructure providers. Through 6 months of “migraines” Neil retrained himself in Docker, obtaining vast exposure through enduring the early pain of Docker versions 1.6. Neil spent considerable time understanding how to productionise and operationalise Docker, which is what initiated, as a way for “every day IT folk” to deploy and manage Docker.

Back in NZ, Neil is providing advisory services through Emerging Technology Partners, sharing insight and vision in regards to the adoption of Docker and surround technologies.




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