Leon Jackson

By October 2018

Leon Jackson

Chief Technology Officer | Strateq Group

Leon Jackson is the Chief Technology Officer for the Strateq Group, a 34 year-old Malaysian origin technology services company with a growing international presence. It built the first commercial data centre in Malaysia. Strateq serves large enterprise and government customers, many of which are Fortune 500 or multinational companies across 6 different countries with approximately 600 employees. Principle activities of the group are cloud and datacenter services, systems integration and software solutions. Strateq has focused solutions and services in the business continuity and disaster recovery space, serving mostly banks and governments. Strateq also builds software solutions for the healthcare industry and petrol retail stations for many of the major oil and gas companies.

In 2014, Strateq ventured to the US to sell its fourth-generation cloud native EHR platform, offering hospitals a suite of tools to help achieve their meaningful use compliance in addition to effectively manage their patient flows and records. This venture familiarised this data centre provider the revolutionary world of agile and cloud native development, and the practise of DevOps on AWS. It repatriated these learnings and culture to its enterprise and cloud practise and hired Leon to lead the transformation of its private cloud and data centre businesses into a next generation AWS consulting practise. Leon also worked with software teams to embrace newer DevOps tools and practises; which are used to rapidly acquire new technological capabilities from the AWS  platform such as machine learning, next generation analytics, IOT and software defined infrastructure and automation. These new technologies have since significantly improved the software Strateq builds for itself and its customers.

Today Strateq leverages on the technology and services of AWS together with private cloud to offer hybrid cloud solutions for customers. Strateq helps its customer manage and govern workloads and solutions between clouds and their legacy infrastructure. Strateq believes in assisting large enterprise customers to use the tools and methodologies of the agile startups, to innovate and reinvent themselves to mitigate the risk of disruption.

Leon came to Strateq from a CIO job in Healthcare IT, with 16 years of experience in software engineering and 10 years of direct experience in healthcare. He is also an active evangelist for the adoption of IT in healthcare, speaking at events around the Malaysia and the region. Apart from this he volunteers with groups such as Hacking Health Kuala Lumpur and Digital Health Asia to help mentor and cultivate new Health IT Entrepreneurs and Startups.

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