Kevin Lim

By October 2018

Kevin Lim

Country Manager ASEAN | Rubrik, Inc

Kevin has more than 20 years of sales experience in both local and regional market specializing in entire lifecycles of Cloud Data Management. He is on a mission to help CIO to answer one of long overdue questions why backup is used only for backup, why data restore have to wait for hours, why enterprises are making a copy of same data, again and again, creating data sprawl and security loophole.

What if there is a way to simplify your backup without the need to manage it? Fully automated with Restful API, in a very scalable scale-out platform that index and search all your backup data to provide analytic and instant recovery (really near to zero RTO), clone TB of data into multiple copies at any point in time without the need of staging storage in minutes. And yet reduces your overall TCO by 20-40%? Sound good?

If you find the time to market is critical and today backup has slowed down your initiative, couldn’t sleep at night worrying about ransomware attack? Application testing using old and synthetic data? Kevin will walk through with you latest innovation from Silicon Valley and share how enterprises and Fortune 500 company in the USA and top company in ASEAN eliminate wait time from weeks to minutes all through one single hyper-converged scalable backup platform.

He will redefine what you know about backup. Oh, btw, how about the solution is smart enough to archive the old data to the cloud and allow you to turn on your data from any cloud?

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