Joycelyn Longue

By June 2019

Joycelyn Longue

Director, Business Development | ENGIE South East Asia

Joycelyn Longue is the Business Development Director of ENGIE South East Asia that leads strategic initiatives to deliver integrated low-carbon and high-performance solutions that enable a reliable, sustainable, agile and energy efficient data centres.

ENGIE bring unrivalled domain expertise in the Design, Build And Supply of Green Energy to mission-critical data centres to achieve significant gains in energy efficiency, reduce cost and carbon emission intensity. 

She also pioneers the development of Avril Digital Support Services that draws from the collective power of Edge Connectivity, Big Data and Advanced Analytics with Machine Learning that empowers data centres for the future with actionable predictive insights that solve operational complexities and optimize their efficiency throughout its entire lifecycle. 

Joycelyn has more than 15 years of experience in the data centre industry.

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