Jeffrey Tay

By June 2019

Jeffrey Tay

VP Global Strategic Sales and Business Development | Polymer Connected

Jeffrey is a vastly experienced IT executive with 25 years in IT and 20 years in Asia in senior leadership
roles with some of the best global IT service companies evolving around Data Centre , Cloud and big
Data .

Worked for MNC such as IBM , Oracle , GE , Polycom , Colt and also taken on start up role for
successfully establishing first presence in Asia for many foreign groups from Israel , Europe and US .
Jeffrey has extensive networking and active in many DC , Cloud and big data group and consortium in
China and North Asia and this has created leverages for many senior level connections and invited to
chair and be on panel for many IDC salon and forums for many years as well .

Jeffrey is on direct C level relations with big group such as Legan (One Asia ), Iadvantage , Colt , China
Mobile , China Teleocm , Tencent , Huawei , Hutchison , SingTel , Starhub and other providers in North
Asia , namely HK , Taiwan and Japan other than China itself . Also Jeffrey has worked closely with international group such as DCD , Closer Still and W media to try to bridge them into China and proposing a focus on China entity more and not only the usual international brands.

Jeffrey is also working on an initiative with CDCC China and many design institute in China to have them come to Singapore to share their design standard and methodology as China has the most aggressive and diverse environment due to weather and terrain and also governing laws and human resource considerations . Of course not to mention their strength on infra build up and the vast growth and technology enhancement for the cloud enabled applications . Big boys such as Baidu , Ali and Tencent , Huawei is only the limelight and many others such as Byte Dance , Wang Yi and more are fast changing the possible landscape.

Currently , Jeffrey is with Iconz Webvisions (iWV) newly appointed as VP sales and marketing from its new owner to spear head the change in the organization to grow in the new era of Cloud enabled platform and its possible growth in the region leveraging a lot of China ‘s customer branching out into Asean .

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