Jae Lee

By May 2018

Jae Lee

VP Head of Engineering | RingMD

Jae serves as the VP Head of Engineering at RingMD which is the leading telemedicine platform provider in APAC. RingMD provides a simple and secure way for patients to connect with a doctor or a wellness expert through a web and mobile environment. RingMD has made headway in various markets which includes partnering with the Federal Government of India and by entering into a regulatory sandbox with Ministry of Health in Singapore to provide telemedicine services to all of Singapore.

Prior, Jae has led the efforts for more than 15 years developing scalable e-commerce sites, ad/marketing-tech solutions, data driven tools that measure real-time consumer engagement and government funded technical projects as part of ODA (Official Development Assistance) programs for developing countries. As a serial tech entrepreneur, Jae has previously founded series of venture backed startups with exit experience.

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