Darren Hawkins

By August 2018

Darren Hawkins

President & CEO | Polymer Connected

Darren Hawkins is the President of Polymer Connected. Polymer Connected is his latest business venture, after having spent the last nine years as Managing Director of AREA3 — a mission critical consulting agency that has developed many of Australia’s most innovative data center facilities.

Prior to launching Polymer Connected, Darren worked closely with a range of organizations to innovate their data center design and construction, as well as enhancing the operations of many data center facilities. With more than 30 years of experience in construction and IT, he has a proven reputation for delivering a broad range of high-capital projects that led to long-term business advantage across Europe and the Asia-Pacific, with successful projects ranging in value up to AUD $10 billion.

Darren is a passionate business leader who believes in the value of technical focus, leveraging local talent, and innovation. His skills lie in nurturing modern and sustainable practices in construction and IT projects, and developing solutions that meet each customer’s individual needs. He has a Master’s in International Finance from the University of Westminster, and a Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Planning and Design from the University of Melbourne.


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