Andrew Martin

By June 2018

Andrew Martin

Group Publisher & Director | AOPG

Andrew has a background and his journey has been very different from many of his media peers.

Andrew’s IT career just like most things in his professional life has been far from typical. He worked in the UK for a storage specialist distribution company moving to sales roles in companies like Cheyenne now CA, Veritas, Digital now part of HP and Overland Data as European Solutions Sales Director.
In 2005, Andrew became founder and CEO of Otium Software”, raising venture finance, building the product from the ground up and establishing sales channels across the world. Otium was all about data, assessing quality of data, and tiering data according to its usefulness. Ultimately Andrew sold Otium Software to Canadian Listed company BakBone Software Inc and as part of that transaction he was hired to become their Vice President and General Manager for APAC. Up until late 2012 Andrew served as Vice President and General Manager for APJ and Middle East at Tandberg Data. More recently he served as Vice President for Asia Pacific for Zerto Software until late 2018.
With a firm grasp of how IT vendors need to leverage online specialist content Andrew was instrumental in helping to get AOPG off the ground providing expert advice and guidance to assist AOPG to launch and run the region’s leading portals Data&StorageAsean, Big Community and CyberSecurityAsean. Andrew has lived his career at the sharp end, he is not just a commentator in the industry, he continues to live in the industry and has a deep rooted understanding of the IT market in a way most of his publishing peers have never experienced.
Andrew is fiercely competitive, highly driven and deeply informed about data driven technology & IT transformation.
As group publisher, Andrew oversees strategic direction for our publications and remains hands on working on articles and features along-side the editorial team. Given his background Andrew brings huge knowledge features and articles covering data protection and security, but in recent years he has also covered Big Data, AI, Blockchain and numerous other emerging technologies.

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