Digital Week 2021: South Asia – Sri Lanka Edition

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The developments happening in Sri Lanka. 

  • Research and Markets forecast that Sri Lanka’s IT market will be back to growth in 2021. In 2020 Sri Lanka telecom opened up the National Data Center a purpose built tier 3 data center with a capacity of 500 racks located near the capital city Colombo. 
  • Sri Lanka Government has implemented the National Cloud and Data Centre infrastructure to accelerate the digital transformation, established Local Government Network (LGN) project which integrates all the government establishments in the country for effective communications.
  • Sri Lanka is located in an advanced strategic location compared to other countries and is also the gateway to communications and submarine networks for the Asia region. Sri Lankan enterprises are also going forward for adoption of best in break cloud technology for their business needs. 

However although there are great developments happening in the tech space there are still challenges that enterprises are facing in Sri Lanka including

  •   Lack of Cyber tech Adaptation & tech know how shortage
  • Lack of knowledge on cloud concepts and benefits  vs trade offs
  •   Infrastructure & investment issues for development, Sri Lanka is expected to receive significant investments of Data center and cloud security

As a tech enthusiast In order to make sure you are well versed with these updates & challenges has created the largest platform for Sri Lanka’s tech enthusiasts to join together and get insights from the top experts from across the world.

Welcome to W.Media’s Digital Week South Asia – Sri Lanka edition starting from the 29th of April.

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Agenda for South Asia Digital Week - Sri Lanka Edition

Time Slot (GMT+5:30) Topic
10:00 AM Keynote Address from the Gov of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka as the Asian Digital Tiger – Key cloud & data center trends

Learn about the new policies and initiatives for fast forwarding Digital Transformation and taking Sri Lanka to the forefront as we see growth in data center Government Digital initiatives and Digital Payments. We have seen an increase in demand for multi-tenant data centers and also with captive data data centers in the banking sector.

Speaker: –

Mahindra B Herath, CEO, ICTA

10:20 AM Power Panel Session

Making Data Center’s the focus for Sri Lanka – Key needs of the hour

Sri Lanka is strategically located and has the resources to be the leader in tech from Asia. However it’s not yet at the top and the million dollar question is how do we take Sri Lanka to the top of Cloud, Data Center and Cyber security market?

A) What does Sri Lanka need to leapfrog in the Digital Economy?
B) With such a strategic location why has it not already been at the forefront?
C) What is missing?
D) The type of Infra and Investment it needs to advance further?
E) Are modular data centers the need of the hour in Sri Lanka?

Moderator: –

Savithri Rodrigo, Founder, Stratyx Promotions & Media Concepts (Pvt) Limited & Stratyx Write (Pvt) Limited

Panelists: –

Rajendra Theagarajah, Non Executive Chairman, Digital Reality ( A Dialog Axiata & Orion Smart City JV)

Marco Brandstaetter, Regional Director Middle East and South Asia, DE-CIX

11:00 AM Presentation Session

Role of automation in prevention and corrective role of Data Center

Sri Lanka got its first Tier 3 certified data center 2 years back. However the big question is what’s next? Learn through this session on What is the role you see for Data Center automation which will prevent abnormal incidents in the Data center and drive efficiency?

11:10 AM Power Panel Session

How to overcome the absence of benchmarks and business need to go with green data centers in Sri Lanka

Green data centers is not just a buzzword in developing countries like Sri Lanka anymore. It’s a priority as Sri Lanka is located in a highly strategic area it already has the tolls but lacks the expertise, an example to follow and most importantly CEO’s still do not feel the business need for investing in green data centers while data center managers have been urging for this change since long.

Panelists: –

Hessam Saifi, Managing Director, DC PRO BV

Dinesh Wickremanayake, MD & Sri Lanka Location Head, WNS Global Services

Dr. Harshana Jayashantha De Silva, Manager – Data Center, KBSL information technologies ltd

11:50 AM Power Panel Session

Unbolting Sri Lanka’s Digital transformation opportunity

There are real growth opportunities for organizations in Sri Lanka who are ready to follow a digital transformation process.  Despite the blistering pace of global technological change, many emerging economies such as Sri Lanka and it’s enterprises have not yet started their digital revolution. If this continues then it will ramp up competition, disrupt industries and will force companies out of business. So in order to fast track the digital transformation process enterprises in Sri Lanka will have to look at the opportunities, challenges and technological resources available to save their business.

Moderator: – 

Rohan Mahakelam, Program Manager, Virtusa

Panelists: –

Eranga Perera, Head of IT, Jubilant food works Lanka Pvt Ltd

Zaheer Meeran, Head of Information Technology, Habib Bank Limited

Dr. Samila Fernando, Managing Director, Fastrupee Pvt Ltd

12:30 PM Power Panel Session

Why the importance of Enterprise cybersecurity should never be misjudged in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka 53% tech leaders say it is likely their enterprise will experience a cyberattack in the next 12 months and 62% say their cybersecurity teams are understaffed. In the midst of COVID-19—in which 92 percent of IT audit and security professionals say cybercrime is increasing—data and information are critical, including data about cybersecurity performance: This panel session will help you learn on what does and does not work, how and where improvements can be made, and what peers are doing in their enterprises.

Moderator: – 

Sujit Christy, Group CISO, John Keells Holdings PLC, Sri Lanka

Panelists: –

Roshan Razik, Head of Technology Ops and IT Security, Pearson Lanka

Commander (Rtd.) WASN Ananda, Chief Information Security Engineer, CERT – Sri Lanka

PS Reddy, EVP & Group CTO, Startek

01:10 PM Closing Remarks

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Digital Week 2021: South Asia – India Edition

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The tech developments happening in India: –

  • Research and Markets forecast that India’s data center market would achieve a value of $4billion by 2024.
  • Research studies done during the last 5 years indicate that Indian businesses are willing to spend over 36% of their IT costs on public cloud services due to its business flexibility and low costs
  • Researches have further predicted that by 2027, over 900 million Indians will have a digital presence and coupling it with the unscrupulous use of personal data and information by service providers, it is vital to implement stringent cybersecurity laws and technology.

The combined compounding rate of the digital market in India is higher than that of the Asia Pacific region. With this we can say that India is the future for Data Center & Cloud for Asia & for tech organizations who have or are yet to enter this diversified market.

As a tech enthusiast In order to make sure you are well versed with these updates has created the largest platform for South Asian tech enthusiasts to join together and get insights from the top experts from across the world.

Welcome to W.Media’s Digital Week South Asia – India edition starting from the 28th of April covering India & also other countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka from 29th April.


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Digital Week India Edition Agenda

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Time Slot (GMT+5:30) Topic
10:00 AM Welcome Address By W.Media
10:05 AM Power Panel Session

How the Indian Data Center market will look by 2025 – Challenges & Outlook 

The data center growth in India is currently exceeding the annual growth rate of American and European data center market. There are yet many cloud computing companies who have not yet made their entry in India, so this says that the data center market in India is bright. However the question is how do we reach there and what would the data center market in India by 2025 look like.

Moderator: –

Jabez Tan, Head of Research, Structure Research

Panelists: –

Pankaj Agrawal, Partner, Capitel

Nigel Clarkson, Co – Founder and Head of Property, Stratus DC

Sumit Mukhija, CEO, STT GDC India

Kamal Nath, CEO, Sify Technologies

Darren Hawkins, CEO & Founder, SPACE DC

10:45 AM Keynote Address from the Gov of India

5G and Edge – India’s next trillion dollar opportunity

India’s next trillion dollar digital opportunity is 5G and Edge computing.  Currently 5G & Edge are thought to be trends to benefit connectivity for mobile technologies. However it is more than that, 5G and Edge is the technology that can change the way enterprises in India can operate mission critical functions with zero latency data processing, efficiency and computing power. This keynote will deliver insights on how 5G and Edge can affect technology investments as well  industry  infrastructure, manufacturing units, smart cities and harbors, automation, government and public infrastructure.

11:00 AM Power Panel Session

What is driving demand of data centers in India – Internal or outsourcing

The data center growth in India is expected to grow by 4% during the 2019- 2015 cycle. While business in India is adopting hybrid cloud systems at a growing rate. The main question is whether internal growth in business or outsourcing of IT systems in India is growing the demand for data centers.

Moderator: –

NK Singh, Founder & CEO, Data Center Guru

Panelists: –

Vinod Nair, Service Head of Data Centre Ops, HDFC Ergo

Dhaval Pandya, Head IT – CIO & CDO, JSW Paints Pvt Ltd

Suppan SaraSaravanamuthu, Director of Operations – APAC, Iron Mountain Data Centers

11:40 AM Presentation Session

Data Center Of The Future

Today’s world are complex, uncertain and data center is the heard to drive all the digitation across the world. This need a holistic approach when we look out for Data Center Design not only looking at our current requirement but how it will be sustainable in the future. Schneider Electric’s Data center of the future vision has four vectors: Sustainability to meet business needs responsibly;  Efficiency to optimize cost, speed, space, and capital; Adaptability to be designed for new technologies; and Resiliency to reduce vulnerability to unplanned downtime. Please attend our session to know more about it.

Speaker: –

Ankesh Kumar, GM – Marketing, Schneider Electric 

11:50 AM Presentation Session

Ask the expert: – Managing Data Center Infrastructure Challenges

This session will discuss data center infrastructure management trends from the field based on the trends and ongoing challenges that enterprise data centers around the world incur on a daily basis.

Topics for this session will include:

  • What really makes a well-run data center
  • The changes we are seeing in the industry
  • What Tier level do I need for my data centers?
  • What can you tell us about the typical issues we see?
  • What are the challenges ahead for data centers?
12:00 PM Power Panel Session

Cloud Computing priorities & outlook for new decade

The IT environments for organizations in India are becoming more complex with multiple public clouds, private clouds, and traditional systems needing to be interconnected, integrated, and collectively managed. Most of Indian organizations are clustered around early stages of cloud maturity and find it challenging to move ahead in the adoption curve. As Indian organizations move towards a cloud-first strategy, enterprises will now have to decide on the cloud priorities and how they see the use of cloud for challenges of the next decade.

Moderator: –

Gaurav Khera, Director – Digital and Technology Advisor, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Panelists: –

Mohit Kapoor, Group CTO, Mahindra Group

Mayuresh Purandare, Head – IT Infra & Cyber Sec, Marico Ltd

Rohit Chatter, CTO, Inmobi

Dave McCrory, VP of Growth, Global Head of Insights & Analytics, Digital Realty

12:40 PM Presentation Session

Why hyperscale data center are here to stay in India

India’s Data Centre market has a significant headroom for growth compared to other mature markets. A key driver is consumer demand for app-based and OTT services running on the cloud. These specialized data centers are different from the regular data centers and more challenging to build, especially in areas where real estate and power are scarce or expensive. This session will take you through the essential, challenges and benefits of hyperscale data center establishment in India.

12:50 PM Power Panel Session

Accelerating Data Center sustainability to the forefront with new age power & cooling Technologies

In the dynamic, fast-paced data center industry, a passion for change is essential. Enhanced data center cooling system reliability, with best-in-class cooling control technology is now demand of the hour and this session will share insights on recent trends, mechanisms and how to overcome challenges.

Moderator: –

Venkatesh G, Deputy Editor,

Panelists: –

Kevin Kant, CEO, Critical Facilities Efficiency Solutions

Marcel Jacobs, Managing Director, Circl8

N.K.Jain, Founder, N.K. Jain Consulting Engineers

Sudhanshu Datt, Sector Lead – DC & Mission Critical Infra, AECOM

Venkataraman Swaminathan, VP & Country GM Secure Power Division INDIA & SAARC, Schneider Electric

01:30 PM Networking Break
02:00 PM Power Panel Session

How digital transformation in the right way can refresh your business

If your organization is busier than ever “digitizing,” you’re not alone. Digital efforts have been proliferating for years as companies strive to catch up with technological innovation. However, this accelerated wave must not be confused with the real business transformation needed for success in the digital age. The former is mostly about enabling business as usual and “staying in the game,” while the latter is about building real, long-term competitive advantage to succeed and that’s what this session is all about.

Moderator: –

Shalil Gupta, Chief Business Officer, Mosaic Digital

Panelists: –

Eric Vas, President – Electric Vehicles, Bajaj Auto Ltd

Anindya Karmakar, Head – Digital Transformation, Aditya Birla Capital

02:40 PM Power Panel Session

Creating a highly efficient Data center for the future with 5G, Edge Computing and Next gen Infrastructure Management

In a hyper connected world no enterprise would like to use a Data Center with efficiency & infrastructure issues. The demand is growing for an enterprise Data Center which can push network and data center processing to the edge. This session will discuss how organizations can overcome Data Center Infrastructure, efficiency issues in a hyper connected world where speed is the new demand with the help of next gen Infrastructure & technology so that Data Center & Operation heads can stay ahead in the race.

Panelists: –

Kamlesh Harchandani, Head – DC Designs and Development, CapitaLand

Vikram Tiwathia, Deputy Director General, COAI

03:20 PM Power Panel Session

Dealing with cloud migration challenges

Cloud migration can be an extremely daunting task for enterprises especially with vendor lock – in issues, migration of critical workloads or legacy applications. This session will bring together experts to discuss their experiences and how they went about successfully migrating their business applications from on-prem to cloud, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.

Panelists: –

Shobhana Lele, CIO, The Bombay Dyeing Manufacturing Company Limited

Arun Gupta, Technology Advisor, Shelby Hospitals

Atanu Pramanic, CIO, Hindalco Industries

Arivuvel Ramu, CTO, Tonik Bank

04:00 PM Dialogue Session

How cloud will decide the future of India’s banking & financial sector for 2021

The earlier reluctance to move core activities to the cloud has softened. Many banks are putting strategies in place to migrate their core services such as consumer payments, credit scoring, wealth management, and risk analysis to the cloud. However the role of cloud in enhancing the financial services sector is not over yet. Join us for our dialogue session and learn the future of cloud for India’s BFSI sector. 

Panelists: –

Anil Sinha, CTO, Early Salary

04:20 PM Closing Remarks
Time Slot (GMT+5:30) Topic
10:00 AM Welcome Address By W.Media
10:05 AM Power panel session

Assessing enterprise cyber resilience – Why cyber security matters?

Enterprise cybersecurity is not only the biggest elephant in the room, It’s the biggest elephant in the digital world. In 2020 the losses due to cybersecurity have been in trillions which is more than the GDP of half of the countries in the world. Data and technology is exploding in India. This session will focus on why endpoint security becomes absolutely essential for your enterprise. What are the advanced endpoint security tools that can enable enterprises to prevent and manage security threats?

Moderator: –

Dr. Burzin Bharucha, Advisor, EY

Panelists: –

Bharat Panchal, CRO – India, Middle East & Africa, FIS

Gary Brantley, CTO, Beazer Homes

Naseem Halder, CISO, ACKO General Insurance

Deepak Talwar, National Security Officer, Microsoft

Pawan Chawla, CISO, Future Generali Life Insurance

10:45 AM Keynote Address from the Gov of India

The current cyber security policy in India and what needs to change to manage the decade’s security challenges? 

The current cybersecurity policy was established in 2013 with a vision to build secure and resilient cyberspace for citizens, businesses and the government. Anticipating the boom in the IT industry and the resulting need of a cyberspace policy, the document was published with a mission to protect information and information structures, prevent and respond to cyber threats, and minimize the damage from cyber incidents. However with recent years going away the threats have multiplied. This discussion will share insights on the new requirements for cyber tech space in India.

11:00 AM Power Panel session

How Digitization is affecting the flow of opportunities & Funding in India

The digital market in India is going to grow by more than 30% by 2025.Foreign entities are now investing in India as the country rises to the forefront of the technology landscape in Asia. However these figures are possible to reach only through help from internal and external investments. Learn from top experts on how the favorable digital climate in India is attracting investments from within and outside India.

Moderator: – 

Vikram Upadhyaya, Founder, GHV Accelerator

Panelists: –

Alok Kumar, CEO, OLX Autos India

Vineeta Hariharan, Chief – External Projects, Ministry of Small, Micro and Medium Industries – Gov India

Deepak Sharma, President and Chief Digital Officer, Kotak Mahindra Bank

Shweta Rajpal Kohli, Director and Head of Public Policy – India and SEA, Sequoia India

11:40 AM Presentation Session

Enhancing Security and Optimizing Your Cloud Infrastructure

As technology and business success grow more embraced, IT leaders must strive to address issues including the complexity of hybrid environments, cybersecurity threats, increasing availability and performance while managing support and cost. Join us to learn how to enhance the security and optimize your cloud infrastructure using the same Linux to power your “on-prem cloud” or “public cloud”.

Speaker: –

Deepak Singh, Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle

11:50 AM Power Panel Session

Talent, Skills & Next gen technologies – Is your workforce ready to manage the threats & create resilience

Although technology has advanced. Upskilling the workforce with essential skills is a major challenge. Learn more about how technology leaders can work together on filling this gap.

Moderator: – 

Khushbu Jain. Advocate Supreme Court of India

Panelists: –

Vinit Sinha, Director – Cybersecurity SME, Mastercard

Ajay Bakshi, Global Transformation Head, Xerox

Samir Khare, CIO & CDO, FMB Capital Holdings PLC

Sharad Kumar Agarwal, CDIO, JK Tyre & Industries Ltd

R. Ramamoorthy, Head – IT & IS, TTK Prestige

12:30 PM Power Panel Session

Securing your cloud environment – What are the challenges and how to overcome them. 

With cloud computing becoming a necessary business strategy for enterprises today, cloud security has become indispensable. However, having the same approach that we have towards cybersecurity for an on-prem facility cannot be lifted and shifted to a cloud environment. So what are the different challenges and approaches to ensuring cyber security in the cloud environment.

Moderator: – 

Sujit Christy, Group CISO, John Keells Holdings PLC, Sri Lanka

Panelists: –

Jayram Ramesh, Head – Cyber Security, AIA

Sakshi Vidur, Head – Cyber Security, Yum Brands

Dr. Yask, CISO, Indian Oil Corporation

Shashank Bajpai, CISO, ECGC India

Deepak Singh, Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle

01:10 PM Closing Remarks
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Digital Week 2021: Singapore




The rise of Singapore in the Cloud Computing, and Datacenter sphere is remarkable, and startlingly impressive for a nation with limited space. Its position as a mature datacenter hub both lends it industry credibility, but at the same time motivates regional counterparts to emerge as market contenders. To that end, Indonesia, and Malaysia have emerged as the most formidable Cloud Computing and Datacenter competitors. Having led the industry in APAC for over a decade, the market is pivoting towards efficiency and sustainability. Its reliable power grid, coupled with skilled personnel have proved to be overwhelmingly attractive against space scarcity concerns.

As new entrants establish their presence in Singapore, they have innovated to adapt to the unique features of the market landscape. The tight regulatory structure in Singapore is fueled in part by the design inefficiencies inherent to the architecture. But these restrictions have bread ingenuity, and Singapore’s seen a massive leap in sustainable design among key industry players. Singapore’s immense amount of digital infrastructure and economic position in the region has also created an ecosystem for Fintech companies to flourish, along with other industries working to pioneer cloud technologies.

This session will highlight the remarkable innovation taking place in the Lion City, along with all the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in 2021 and beyond.

The Digital Week Singapore Session will take place 25 February 2021 from 9AM – 12PM.  Request Sponsorship or Speaker details below to get involved!

This session is part of our larger, virtual conference: Digital Week Southeast Asia. To see the complete speaker and sponsor details, click below:

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Trending in South Asia: Edge Computing & Digitalization

Event Summary

According to McKinsey & Company, India is the second-fastest digital adopter among 17 major digital economies, which include South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Indonesia and more. Companies that innovate and digitize rapidly will be better placed to take advantage of India’s large, connected market, which could include up to 700 million smartphone users and 840 million internet users by 2023. In the context of rapidly improving technology and falling data costs, technology-enabled business models could become pervasive over the next decade. That will likely create significant economic value.

With more Indian enterprises striving to go digital, the increased speed and bandwidth of 5G networks will drive a new round of transformation across India. The Indian IoT market is expected to touch $9 billion by 2020, and this will contribute as a key driver to the edge data center market in India.

Join us on the 18th of December as we dive deeper into the market trends and drivers of India’s digital economy and the impact on data centers. 

Agenda - 18th December 2020

1400 Chairman Opening Address
1405 [Thought Leadership] Building Sustainable and Resilient Edge Data Centers

Ankesh Kumar, General Manager – Marketing, Schneider Electric

1420 Panel: Market Trends – The new norm of data centers in India
1. The current and future impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on India’s data infrastructure
2. Edge computing in India – where will it start and how will it be delivered?
3. How has edge transformed data center strategies in enterprises?
Manish Shangari, Executive Director, AECOM
Abhinivesh Jain, Distinguished member of Technical Staff, Wipro
Yury Drabkin, EcoStruxure Digital Transformation International Leader, Schneider Electric
Sanjay Bhutani, Senior Vice President & Head of Datacenter Business, Adani Enterprise
Panel Moderator: Wong Ka Vin, Managing Director, DC1st
1455 Q&A Session
1500 Chairman Closing Address

Qualified Audience
These events are open to any strategic or business person whose function interacts with the enterprise or service provider and that comprise the increasingly complex technology purchaser/decision-maker chain, to include:

  • C-level management: CEO, CIO, CTO, CFO, COO, CSO, CISO
  • Senior Executives: Heads of Datacenter & Cloud Operations, Head Procurement, Head of Cloud Function, Head of Datacenter Facilities, Head of Infrastructure
  • End-users

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Digital Transformation – Interconnecting into the future

Event Summary

Uncover the importance of interconnectivity to reach your digital transformation desires. 

Interconnection can support smart cities driven by the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, compliance with data localisation regulations, business expansion and scalability.

And as more and more diverse data is produced in the age of digital transformation, the demand for interconnected data centers has accelerated.

For a region like Asia Pacific that is rapidly going digital, the need for interconnectivity is growing. That’s why data center providers are working hard to design connected platforms that enable global teams to collaborate with less downtime and latency.

Register now to learn how your business can leverage on the latest interconnectivity solutions to enable digital transformation strategies.


SGT/HKT Agenda
1045 Pre-Show
1050 [Interview] Interconnecting services on the cloud
1100 [Showtime] Chairman Welcome Address
1105 [Panel Discussion] Around the World in 80 Interconnects
1. What is the importance of interconnection?
2. Is the traditional data center dead?
3. How are data center providers transforming legacy digital architecture?
4. How are interconnection challenges being managed?
1130 [Panel Discussion] Interconnected Transformations
1. How can I achieve interconnectivity on the cloud?
2. What innovations are driven by interconnectivity?
3. What does the future hold for businesses looking for interconnectivity?
1200 Closing Address

Qualified Audience
These events are open to any strategic or business person whose function interacts with the enterprise or service provider and that comprise the increasingly complex technology purchaser/decision-maker chain, to include:

• C-level management: CEO, CIO, CTO, CFO, COO, CSO, CISO
• Senior executives: Head of Business, Head of Finance, Head of IT, Head of Digital Transformation, Head of Human Resource, Head of Operations
• End-users

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