Oracle Lanuches Multi-Cloud Offerings With An Eye On Govt & Public Sector Business

As the Indian government advances its digital infrastructure modernization, Oracle said that its new multi-Cloud offerings can assist the public sector and state governments move to the cloud faster and more efficiently. Oracle has two multi-Cloud offerings, one is the database service for Microsoft Azure and the other one is ‘One MySQL’ database service for Amazon Web Services (AWS), which have generated great traction among the private sector.

According to Prasad Rai, Vice President of Global Strategic Clients Group at Oracle India,

“Multi-cloud makes a lot of sense for them as the governments and the public sector have invested in various different technologies. When they move those to the cloud, they will not have to go through the trouble of entirely rewriting it for the cloud. Their first move to the cloud will be in a multi-cloud environment.”


Oracle, which has had several public sector and state governments in India as its customer for years, is now in a position to help them move their workloads in a much more efficient way with its multi-cloud solutions.Users can now migrate or build new applications on Azure and then connect to high-performance and high-availability managed Oracle Database services such as Autonomous Database running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

The ‘MySQL HeatWave’ database service, on the other hand, can help AWS users in running transaction processing, analytics, and machine learning workloads in a single service, eliminating time-consuming processes and duplication between separate databases.

Rai sees great opportunities for multi-cloud adoption among the government sector. However, the initial uptake will be in the private sector, especially in the verticals like banking and telecom which is gearing up for 5G.

“We have dedicated teams that address the demand in the Indian public sector. They are working closely with the central and state governments as there is a surge in demand for cloud offerings,” he told IANS.

State governments want to ensure that they are ticking all of the correct boxes in terms of data security as well as satisfying all of the relevant standards and laws of the nation.

The Oracle cloud regions in Mumbai and Hyderabad that MeitY has partnered with are currently at capacity. As a result, the company’s cloud customer base in the country has more than doubled in the last several years.Oracle’s India business grew rapidly in the first quarter of FY23, with the Oracle Cloud Unit (OCI) exceeding 100% year on year growth for the third year in a row.

In India, the OCI is growing at 25 per cent quarter on quarter (QoQ) and the company has clocked double-digit growth across all lines of businesses, in some even triple digit.The company aims to be the preferred cloud provider for the Indian organisations, both in the private and public sectors.

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July 14, 2021