SpaceDC Indonesia data center becomes the first OCP Ready™ facility in Asia

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SpaceDC Indonesia data center becomes the first OCP Ready™ facility in Asia

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SpaceDC Indonesia data center becomes the first OCP Ready™ facility in Asia

Singapore-based data center provider SpaceDC has become the first OCP Ready™ facility in Asia.

The Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) awarded SpaceDC’s facility in Indonesia with the certification after demonstrating its ability to create highly efficient data centers and meet OCP guidelines.

SpaceDC achieved another first in Asia by securing OCP’s Colo Solution Provider status, exhibiting ‘strong technical, service and support capabilities to enable scalable deployments of OCP infrastructure’.

“This certification certainly affirms SpaceDC’s mission of being an efficient, reliable and scalable data center platform for businesses looking to expand in the region,” Darren Hawkins, the CEO of SpaceDC.

SpaceDC’s JAK2 facility will be part of Indonesia’s first green data center campus, which will be powered by natural gas for electricity and waste heat for the cooling absorption chillers.

The facility is also designed to Uptime Tier III standards and achieved a power usage effectiveness of 1.3.

Steve Helvie, Vice President of Channel Development for OCP, described SpaceDC‘s achievement as displaying the capacity for OCP solutions to continue  growing and evolving across Asia. This will result in a need for more facilities and operators who understand the needs of enterprise companies looking to adopt more open hardware designs, he said.

”I would like to congratulate SpaceDC for becoming the first OCP Ready™ facility in Asia, which is an incredible achievement,” celebrated Mr. Helvie.

What does it take to become an OCP Ready data center?

The OCP Ready™ Facility Recognition Program is one of the Open Compute Project Foundation’s newest certifications.

The program recognises data centers that meet guidelines and show an operator’s understanding of the fundamental facility requirements to deploy OCP hardware into their IT space.

“Throughout the process for JAK2 to be certified as OCP Ready™, their team has demonstrated a deep technical knowledge and understanding of what it means to create an optimised data center facility for hosting OCP IT gear,” said Mark Dansie, a key member of the OCP DC Facilities Project Team and leader of the OCP Ready™ program.

SpaceDC’s OCP Ready™ facility is now listed on the OCP Marketplace as a result of their success.

Mr. Dansie added: “This new colo facility is a fantastic addition to the growing portfolio of OCP Ready™ data centers and will enable SpaceDC’s OCP customers to take full advantage of the TCO benefits of deploying OCP technology.”

Why is it important to be OCP Ready?

Data centers that are optimised for open infrastructure are becoming ever more crucial to meet the demands of cloud service providers (CSP’s), telcos and enterprises, as they move toward digital transformation.

Open Compute Project’s collaborative Community strives to optimise all parts of a data center, from open hardware designs to network architecture to provide efficient, scalable computing.

At our next free Tech Talk, Steve Helvie, OCP’s VP of Channel, will show us why tech giants and data center players have joined the OCP Community to develop the OCP hardware market into a US$10 billion industry.

OCP Colo Solution providers like Giga Data Centers, Rackspace, Kao Data and Hydro66 have all received the OCP Ready™ stamp of approval along with SpaceDC

> Take a look inside an OCP-Optimised Data Center in Southeast Asia

Meet the OCP Colo Facility Guidelines for OCP Racks and complete the Colo Site Assessment

To become an OCP Ready™ data center operators are required to meet the OCP Colo Facility Guidelines for deploying OCP hardware in commercially available, colocation data centers.

Solution providers are also required to be an OCP member in good standing and complete the OCP Ready Colo Site Assessment. This site assessment covers everything from building access, electrical and cooling capabilities, to efficiency, cabling and openness of information.

To meet the guidelines, facilities must allow end-users to smoothly deploy fully populated OCP Racks without delay.

OCP Ready™ data centers must be able to easily accommodate racks weighing 500kg and be able to deploy multiple racks at scale.

In our next Tech Talk with OCP, we will be joined by Resul Altinkilic of Rittal, an OCP Platinum Member who specialises in developing and influencing the future of OCP roadmaps in Rack, Cooling and Power.

Mr. Altinkilic will take us through the importance of Open Hardware and Open Rack infrastructure in achieving an optimised and efficient data center.

To explore what it takes to become an OCP-optimised data center, we will also hear from the CEO of SpaceDC, Darren Hawkins. 

Mr. Hawkins will share how SpaceDC achieved the recognition of being the first OCP Ready™ data center in Asia after meeting all guidelines and successfully passing the OCP Ready Colo Site Assessment.

Register for free to take a journey through an OCP Optimised Data Center in Southeast Asia on Wednesday 8 July.

Image credit: SpaceDC


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