Google opens first cloud region in Indonesia to meet growing digital demands

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Google Cloud Indonesia

Google opens first cloud region in Indonesia to meet growing digital demands

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Google opens first cloud region in Indonesia to meet growing digital demands

Google Cloud has officially opened their first cloud region in Indonesia.

The new Google Cloud Platform region in Jakarta looks to accelerate the growth of developers and enterprises embracing cloud technology to drive one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

“Indonesia is full of opportunity. You’re one of the most creative, dynamic and entrepreneurial countries in Southeast Asia,” said Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google and Alphabet.

A booming digital economy

Indonesia has more than 150 million Internet users and the fastest growing digital economy in Southeast Asia, expanding by more than 40% each year.

Due to rising digitisation and Internet traffic, Indonesia’s data center market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 11%, with more than US$1 billion in investments.

“The most exciting thing about Indonesia’s booming digital economy is how you’re using it to improve lives – from a new generation of young Indonesians working on big ideas for the future to new startups, whose innovations are spreading around the world,” said Mr. Pichai.

With lower latency access to data, artificial intelligence and analytics tools, the new region aims to support organisations in industries like financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and logistics.

“I look forward to seeing how the region will use Google Cloud to build new businesses and unleash new opportunities for people in Indonesia and around the world,” added Mr. Pichai.

Google recently announced a partnership with XL Axiata to drive cloud migration in Indonesia by modernising their infrastructure and migrating 70% of workloads to the cloud within the next three years.

“Our collaboration around Partner Interconnect will enable companies of all sizes in Indonesia to gain access to high-speed connectivity to create a whole new world of experiences for their customers,” said Megawaty Khie, the Country Director of Google Cloud in Indonesia.

“Advancing forward together.”

Maju Sama-Sama or “advancing forward together” is Google Indonesia’s motto. The tech giant has made commitments to develop talent critical to digital transformation journeys and build a resilient future.

Google will empower this by delivering 150,000 hands-on training labs in Indonesia this year as well as digital scholarships with Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to help people become GCP certified.

Johnny Plate, Indonesia’s Minister of Communication and Informatics, said: “Google Cloud’s presence will certainly be an important part of the strengthening and development of digitally-based technology in Indonesia.”

The Government of Indonesia hopes Google’s data center can take part in making the security and privacy of data stronger as well as accelerate the adoption of data analytics, AI and machine learning.

Indonesia is currently accelerating its digital transformation towards the digital society. The country is focusing on the completion of telecommunications infrastructure development, with specific attention to the middle mile and last mile networks. The country also aims to accelerate the adoption of 5G, construct national and Government data centers and develop digital talent.

“The launch of Google Cloud in Indonesia is an example of excellent synergy where the business world, private sector, join hands to support Government policy to meet the needs of state-of-the-art technology,” said Mr. Plate.

The new Google Cloud region in Indonesia adds to Google’s portfolio of nine locations in Asia Pacific, enabling Indonesian customers to localise their cloud usage rather than using services in other regions like Singapore and Sydney.

Other cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft are also looking to expand out into Indonesia to join Google and Alibaba.

Alibaba Cloud has already built its second data center in Indonesia and announced US$28 billion worth of data center investments covering 21 regions, including Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to support digital transformation in a post-pandemic world.

Microsoft, one of Indonesia’s major cloud service providers, is also eying up the possibility of building a data center by investing US$2.5 billion to develop cloud-computing systems.

The largest public cloud provider in the world, Amazon Web Services, has announced plans to build several interconnected data centers by 2022. 

Industry Minister, Agus Gumiwang, said: “This investment can boost Indonesia to become a strategic digital hub. The AWS region in Indonesia will certainly support the startup ecosystem so it can grow rapidly.”

Indonesia has a vibrant technological future ahead – it will certainly be exciting to see the innovations resulting from the rapidly growing digital economy.

Image credit: Google Cloud

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