Equinix extends Digital Edge with new data center in Perth

By November 16, 2020Data Center, News

Equinix extends Digital Edge with new data center in Perth

Equinix extends Digital Edge with new data center in Perth

Equinix, an international digital infrastructure company, is to open a third data center in Perth called PE3.

PE3 will be the company’s eighteenth data center in Australia, enabling Equinix to meet growing demand for digital infrastructure and low-latency networking capabilities in Western Australia among global and local organisations.

Guy Danskine, the Managing Director of Equinix Australia, said: “The interconnection options available in PE3 will support our customers during their Digital Transformation journeys as they move their businesses closer to the Edge and look to expand within Asia Pacific and beyond.”

The US$54 million first phase of PE3 is targeted to open in the last quarter of 2021. When it opens, the new facility will provide access to more than 1,045 companies, including 215 networks and 395 cloud providers, who utilise Platform Equinix in Australia to address the increasing demand from digital leaders who want all the necessary digital infrastructure building blocks on one platform.

Jeremy Deutsch, the President of Equinix Asia-Pacific, said: “Equinix continues to provide customers with the best possible digital infrastructure building blocks to help them be successful. As a trusted advisor to our customers across the globe, we are committed to investing and expanding our platform and facilities to accelerate their Digital Transformation journeys.”

In early 2020, the Australia-Singapore Digital Economy Agreement was signed to promote digital trade between the two countries, putting Perth in a position to be a part of the next wave of data center expansion, with direct connectivity to Asia and global markets.

“As a large global company with more than 80,000 employees with offices, mine sites, off-shore platforms and port operations across dozens of countries worldwide, our data-fueled business relies on a truly interconnected global digital infrastructure,” said Chris Forth, Data Center Engineering Manager for BHP.

Perth is becoming a strategic part of Australia’s Internet infrastructure due to its proximity to Southeast Asia and direct connectivity via two subsea cable links, the Australia Singapore Cable and Indigo Cable. Both cables terminate directly inside the Equinix Perth campus, reducing half the time it takes for data to move between Singapore and Australia.

“The expansion of Equinix’s Perth presence with PE3, along with its connectivity to Southeast Asia, gives an organisation like ours the low-latency digital platform we need to expand in key markets, while delivering stronger performance and productivity through real-time data-driven insights,” added Mr. Forth.

The PE3 IBX will be located adjacent to the PE2 IBX, approximately 13 miles from the Perth Airport, with a planned secure link bridge connecting the two facilities. The first phase of the Perth facility will offer an initial capacity of 650 cabinets and a colocation space of more than 1,830 square meters. When fully built, the facility will offer 1,650 cabinets and a colocation space of more than 10,600 square meters.

“The expansion of the Equinix platform in Perth will enable us to continue providing the agile and resilient foundation our customers across the region need to thrive,” said Simon Dixon, Network Manager at cloud computing provider Zettagrid.

Perth is evolving as the country’s second digital gateway to international markets, especially as a third subsea cable is being built that will connect Australia to Oman.

The availability of high-speed connectivity of subsea cables in Perth drives demand from global cloud, network and over-the-top providers, as well as continued growth from government, mining and resource sectors. It also provides companies with a second path for redundancy as well as a faster route to Asia and the rest of the world.

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