CenturyLink rebrands as Lumen to light the way for enterprises in 4th Industrial Revolution

CenturyLink rebrands as Lumen to light the way for enterprises in 4th Industrial Revolution

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CenturyLink rebrands as Lumen to light the way for enterprises in 4th Industrial Revolution

Leading global IT solutions provider CenturyLink has announced it is rebranding and repositioning the company to Lumen Technologies, or Lumen for short. 

According to FAQs on their website, the name Lumen pays homage to their global fiber network foundation and serves as a reflection of the company today. 

“Lumen is all about enabling the amazing potential of our customers, by utilizing our technology platform, our people, and our relationships with customers and partners,” said Lumen president and CEO Jeff Storey.

Lighting the way for enterprises

The company will look to help light the way for enterprises through the challenges and opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution where smart, connective devices will be ubiquitous.

“This new age requires companies to effectively acquire, analyze and act upon their data to stay ahead of the curve and to be competitive,” said Lumen in a statement

There will be three distinct brands under the Lumen Technologies corporation: Lumen, CenturyLink and Quantum Fiber. 

Lumen will serve as the company’s new brand for its largest business segment: enterprise and wholesale, which will be the company’s focus moving forward.

“The Lumen brand is focused on supporting our enterprise business customers. It alludes to our network strength and to the incredible capabilities powered by our platform to help transform how businesses operate,” according to Lumen CTO, Andrew Dugan. 

Under Lumen, the company launched the Lumen Platform, which combines their global fiber network infrastructure, edge cloud capabilities, security, communication and collaboration solutions to empower customers looking to capitalise on emerging Industry 4.0 technologies. 

“All of our futures will be driven by smart things, applications and digital services that use data for transformational purposes,” said Shaun Andrews, Lumen’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer. 

The Lumen Platform will serve a range of applications across smart cities, retail and industrial robotics, real-time virtual collaboration, automated factories, as well as applications requiring high-performance networking and security.

As part of Lumen, the existing CenturyLink brand will continue to represent the company’s residential and small business segments, for legacy services delivered over traditional networks. 

Lumen also announced another new entity, Quantum Fiber, which will be considered a CenturyLink service. It is a digital platform that will aim to deliver premier fiber-based connectivity to residents and small businesses under Lumen’s fiber network and infrastructure. 

Quantum Fiber will target the same customer segment as CenturyLink, but it will be delivering services via an automated platform the company is developing, but specific roll out plans are yet to be confirmed.

The Quantum Fiber brand will eventually be available in all markets where Lumen offers fiber-based internet services.

With this announcement, the company will formally change its legal name to Lumen Technologies, Inc. upon the satisfaction of legal and regulatory requirements. 

There will be no structural change in leadership, responsibility or financial strategy. However, it will be changing its stock ticker from CTL to LUMN, effective with the opening of the trading day on September 18 2020. 

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