AVEVA and Microsoft to accelerate industrial digital transformation

By November 17, 2020News

AVEVA and Microsoft to accelerate industrial digital transformation

AVEVA and Microsoft to accelerate industrial digital transformation

AVEVA, a global leader in engineering and industrial software, has extended its long-standing collaboration with Microsoft to accelerate digital transformation in the industrial sector.

AVEVA will work with Microsoft in implementing cloud technologies to achieve platform integration and empower industrial and manufacturing organizations to develop innovative solutions
“Cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure will enable businesses to configure, provision and design the solution they need, when and where they need it,” said Deb Cupp, the Corporate Vice President of Enterprise and Commercial Industries at Microsoft.
In recent times, digital transformation has been changing the way the manufacturing and energy industries approach business sustainability, while seeking robust technologies to run their operations efficiently.

“With today’s economic resilience now tied so closely to digital infrastructures, it is important the industrial organisations adopt a scalable, stable, and harmonised framework to support their corporate strategies,” added Ms. Cupp.

AVEVA has worked with Microsoft to reduce energy consumption, boost efficiency and share collaborative innovation using Azure AI, Azure Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics.

“With so much of the world’s economy becoming reliant on digitization, meeting the highest standards for these critical deployments is no longer just a nice to have, it is an absolute necessity,” said Steen Lomholt-Thomsen, the Chief Revenue Officer at AVEVA.

According to an AVEVA survey, 86% of organizations agree that digital transformation is a key component of their company’s strategic plan.

“The upshot of this pandemic is that it has forced entire sectors within industry to embrace innovative digital platforms available to facilitate a way of working that keeps both people connected and agile, and more importantly, safe,” added Mr. Lomholt-Thomsen.

Earlier this year, AVEVA became one of ten leading companies to collaborate with Microsoft to launch Microsoft Energy Core as part of a commitment towards capacity-building, empowering innovation, and driving prosperity and growth with a common goal to reshape the future of the energy industry and drive a positive impact in global communities.

AVEVA and Microsoft will continue to work together to help the industrial industry navigate the challenges and complexities that today’s volatile environment brings.

Back in May, AVEVA also extended their partnership with Schneider Electric to deliver innovative solutions for hyperscale data centers.

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