Malaysia Market Insights 2020

Malaysia Market Insights 2020

Malaysia Market Insights 2020

Malaysia’s Cloud and Datacenter landscape is primed to leap into the next phase of Cloud Computing. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), coupled with its potential to revolutionize every step of the industrial, manufacturing and service delivery process, is driving this evolution. Even though AI is on the horizon with its presence working as a signal of the future dominance of Industry 4.0, uncertainties still exist. The question still lingers: Is Malaysia’s infrastructure ready?

The scalability opportunities from AI and the supporting Cloud infrastructure have inspired cloud migration. However, the mechanics of going from an on-prem to a cloud-based architecture requires a strategic plan of attack. Managed service providers are crucial to assist in what initially seems like an insurmountable task. Legacy datacenters are also reviewing their facilities to keep pace with Digital Transformation. This ecosystem of new entrants and established players are set to be in the forefront of a revolutionary industrial shift.

This new field of play comes with its own set of challenges, chiefly in securing consumer and industry confidence. The dual issues of Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery are essential as latency is the overriding factor in sinking optimism around AI and subsequently, Industry 4.0. Cybersecurity has also been in scrutiny given the recent high profile attacks on major Malaysian organizations.

Astounding results deduced from Malaysia Cloud & Datacenter Convention 

From its pre-registration survey, out of the 800+ IT professionals in Malaysia who responded, majority were from the Financial Services industry (19.1%). Other industries include Telecommunications (17.6%), Cloud Service Providers (14.1%) and Government Agencies (10.2%). As an overview, the key projects that respondents are intending to undertake over the next 12 months include implementing Cybersecurity (27%), Datacenter Migration and Expansion (25%), Private Cloud Deployment (25%) and Migration to Public or Hybrid cloud (25%), with most of them indicating to commence multiple projects at the same time.

According to Malaysia’s mainstream news, The Star, many Malaysian companies reported a downtime of more than 24 hours due to cybersecurity breaches in 2019. It is reported that 26% of companies in Malaysia said that the most severe cybersecurity breaches in the last year has had a financial impact of more than US$1mil (RM4.11mil). As such, the MYCDC’s pre-registration survey results aligned with the news report, where many IT professionals recognise the need to address Cybersecurity in order to operate their business efficiently in the long term.

Experts will highlight best practices on Cybersecurity and Business Continuity Management 

 Apart from addressing the key concerns and challenges centred around Cybersecurity, IT and business leaders can look forward to understanding what makes the best Business Continuity Management plan – Hint: It is never just about having a plan.

 Due to unexpected crisis such as recent events like the US-China trade war and the Coronavirus, there were major disruptions in the global supply chain, and the importance of Business Continuity Management has never been more  emphasised. Business Continuity Management will be highlighted in MYCDC where we share how to better position your company in light of the recent crisis. How can technology play a part in the decision making process? How important is digitisation in the role of Business Continuity? Are you readily equipped to tackle crisis efficiently when it arises?

Keep watch – W.Media will commence its 2020 survey for the Malaysia market in Q3.

Visit the Malaysia Cloud and datacenter here.

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