Malaysia Cloud & Datacenter Convention 2021

Thurs, 9th Dec 2021, 9am – 3.30pm (GMT +8), Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur 

Malaysia is quickly maturing into a fully-fledged Cloud Computing hub. A total of MYR 21.6 bn was assigned to the National Fiberisation & Connectivity Plan (NFCP) in and 2020 and has seen developments throughout 2021.

As the roll-out of 5G connectivity throughout Malaysia accelerates towards a head, the resulting high-speed access from NFCP, allows for a total evolution of how businesses exist in the digital sphere.

At the very heart of the question of the rise in Cloud Technologies in Malaysia, is the market position that the country has its sights on.

With its expansive terrain, and proximity to relatively developed cloud computing hubs such as Singapore, Malaysia has begun to tease at challenging mature markets.

Recognising this yet to be maximised window of growth, global players like Alibaba have shrewdly moved to set-up operations in Malaysia, with other companies such as Microsoft recently following suit.

Join us at The Malaysia Cloud and Datacenter Convention 2021 (MYCDC2021) to be at the forefront of the discussion the massive game-changing developments in the industry, and the reverberations it carries for all major players in Malaysia’s Cloud Ecosystem.

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Our Conference Agenda:

Time (GMT+8)Topics
09:00Registration & Breakfast
10:00 Welcome Address

Justin Heyes, Business Manager (SEA), W.Media
10:05Panel Discussion: Digital Infrastructure Demands and the Impact of COVID-19 on the DC Industry

This panel will discuss:
1. How COVID-19 accelerated demands for virtual infrastructure and how it has been affecting the DC industry;
2. How the industry is coping with the new norm;
3. Current regulations for DC operations/management;
4. Human Capital Development

Sureendhran Subramaniam, Global Head of Cloud and Automation, British American Tabacco
Ts. Izuddin Abdullah, Head of IT, TNB Integrated Learning Solution Sdn Bhd

Fong Choong Fook, CEO, Cyber Security Consultant and Trainer , LE Global Services Sdn Bhd (LGMS)
10:40Keynote Presentation: Developing and Operating World-class Data Centers in Malaysia

Malaysia is a mature market for data centers and has a strong presence in the Southeast Asian region. The country is witnessing investments in around five facilities, expected to be operational in the next 2-3 years. Malaysia has abundant reserves of resources and favorable government policies for data centers, which will be significant factors driving the growth of the market. Not only international Data Center providers invested in this project, but also our local service provider. In this panel, we will discuss the new developments of our local Data Center firms and the challenges they have met.

Tan Tze Meng, Head of Data Cloud Business Unit, Digital Infrastructure and Services Department, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation(MDEC)
10:55 Solution Presentation: What are the 5 Data Center Operations Maturity Levels ?

The data center operations maturity determines the effectiveness of its operations and overall risk position. Understanding the definitions of the 5 maturity levels will help data center operators/owners/users/customers to set a benchmark for their risk exposure and drive continuous improvement to the desired level.

Jan Willem Mooren, Chief Technology Officer & Managing Director, EPI Group of Companies Malaysia

11:10Panel Discussion: Migration to Cloud – Data Protection, Security and Costs

This panel will discuss:
1. Data Sovereignty and Government Regulations, how they impact cloud migration for players;
2. Pros and Cons of outsourcing cloud services;
3. Cybersecurity state in Malaysia and ways to improve

Soumo Mukherjee, Head of Security Architecture (Cyber Security), Petronas
Ts Alan Yau, CTO, SysArmy

Dr Nurhizam Safie, Deputy Dean (Networking and Alumni) of the Faculty of Information Science & Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
11:45Lunch & Networking Session
13:00Panel Discussion: Personalize your Cloud – How to Make Sure It Fits Your Needs?

This panel will discuss:
1. Are there any ways to customize the cloud for your data and needs?
2. What are available analytic tools to analyze the current performance?
3. The importance of company’s internal strategy to assure ‘making best out of service

Wilix Hong, Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft
Izzat Aziz, Director of Emerging Technology Risk & Cyber, KPMG
Bert Lim, Chief Technical Navigator | CTO, Cloudify.Asia
Ts Alan Yau, CTO, SysArmy

Steven Wong Weng Leong, Chief Digital & Global Banking Strategist, China Construction Bank (CCB) Malaysia
13:35 Solution Presentation:
13:50 Solution Presentation: Building a Digital Roadmap with IoT in Malaysia
14:05Keynote Presentation: The world of Multi-Hybrid Cloud – Why, how and the Why not ?

The continued adoption of multi-hybrid cloud by enterprises fosters innovation by aligning the workloads to the cloud services that can be consumed to best meet the ever-changing business demands.

The way enterprises are approaching multi-cloud environments is evolving. Many organizations already have different applications or workloads running on multiple different clouds, but their choice of clouds is on an ad hoc basis rather than as part of a strategic road map . Mixing multiple services, cloud providers, and cloud environments can quickly complicate architecture design, dependencies, and cost complexities amongst others.

A haphazard approach to digital transformation is a pathway to failure to reach their goals due to poor planning. In an urgent need to deliver business outcomes, organizations are ready to add services and embrace multi-cloud. Many organizations have moved quickly without the due diligence and strategic planning required to effectively create and optimize a long-term multi-cloud strategy.

Srinivas Rao, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), AVM Cloud
14:20Closing Panel Discussion: Next Generation Green Data Centers : Performance Metrics and Sustainability

Green data centre (GDC) as an enterprise class computing facility is entirely built, managed and operated on green computing principles. Global technology companies are constantly challenged on how to make data centres more energy efficient in a growingly digital economy. The main challenge in Malaysia is the reluctance of businesses to try unconventional methods of air flow and power management, despite the return of significant savings. Thus, in this topic, we will look into different types of reliable metrics to create a green dc environment.

Ts. Rizman bin Yusam, Senior IT Officer – Data Center Operation & Disaster Recovery, Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara
14:55 Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking
15:30 Session Adjourned

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Vincent Liew

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