London-based Volta Data Centers to Run Under Verne Global Brand

Volta Data Centers, located in the City of London, will start marketing and operating under Verne Global, an Iceland-based sustainable data center provider for high intensity computing in order to create a data center platform spanning Iceland and the UK.

According to Verne Global, their architecture for northern European data centers gives businesses the freedom to split their workloads and applications between two fully optimized sites.

Meanwhile, with its London location and connections to network and cloud providers, the Volta data center facility is the perfect place for latency-sensitive applications that must stay close to London’s business, banking, and media sectors.



The campus of Verne Global’s data center in Iceland is set up for high-intensity computing. It provides sustainable, predictable, and reasonably priced data center solutions to organizations eager to lower their carbon footprint and operating costs. It is powered entirely by renewable energy and benefits from year-round free air cooling. And out of a total capacity of 100 MW on this initial location, the campus will have 40 MW of built capacity by 2023.

In addition to proposing plans to implement engineering design best practices to optimize the performance and minimize the environmental effect of its two locations, the newly expanded Verne Global team is stated to focus on providing consistent, industry-leading service. James Chenery, the Sales Director for Finance at Verne Global, will take over as Head of London and oversee all operations at the London location.

Verne Global and Volta are two major digital infrastructure assets that are a part of Triple Point’s Digital 9 Infrastructure plc (D9) portfolio with a focus on building a more dependable, long-lasting, inclusive, and accessible internet.

According to Thor Johnsen, Head of Triple Point’s Digital 9 Infrastructure plc, commented, the data centers owned by Verne Global are among the greenest and most environmentally friendly in the world.

On the other hand, Volta is one of the finest connected data centers in central London, serving clients that continue to need low latency access in strategic metropolitan areas.

Through the alliance, they envision long-term prospects to increase data center utilization throughout the entire platform, balancing Volta’s low latency metro connectivity with Verne Global’s predictable power prices and sustainability advantages.

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