Interconnectivity in APAC: Optimising for a Globalised Digital Economy

[Online] Tues, 16th Nov 2021, 10:00am – 11:00am (GMT +8)
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The global digital economy is redefining what it means to be connected, and the strength and security of an organisation’s connected platforms are now make or break variables for sustaining and growing business.

The expansion of digital infrastructure to even the most remote regions means that it is easy to move your data close to the local users. But as businesses become more dispersed, they need to adopt solutions to ensure that they are optimising connectivity between these different exchange points. As enterprises move their critical workloads to the cloud, some of the most important conversations are now centered on how to manage accelerating IT traffic in straightforward and cost-effective ways.

So, how are organisations today ensuring private, low-latency connections across their networks?

This session, “Interconnectivity in APAC: Optimising for a Globalised Digital Economy” will aim to answer questions about how interconnected platforms are at the center of Singapore’s digital transformation and are driving cross-industry growth throughout the APAC region. Over the course of 1 hour, we will hear from industry experts, engage in take a deeper look into how you can maximise the effectiveness of your multi cloud environments and ensure you are utilising the most cutting-edge solutions for your business.

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Hosted By:

Our Conference Agenda:

Time (GMT+8)Topics
10:00Session Introduction

Ethan Wilson, Regional Head, W.Media
10:05Welcome Address: About Console Connect
10:10 Keynote: Market Overview: Trends in APAC Interconnectivity

This keynote will provide high level insight into the state of the APAC market when it comes to connected platforms.

Basil Stratos, Ecosystem Partner Manager APAC, Console Connect by PCCW Global
10:25Panel Discussion: Creating Cost Effective Cloud Network Solutions: Best Practices

The focus of this panel will be focusing on the business side of digital transformation: considerations, challenges, etc.

James Alfred, AVP, Singapore & Oceania, PCCW Global
Edward Tay, CEO, Sistema Asia Capital
10:50Q&A Session
10:55Closing Remarks

Ethan Wilson, Regional Head, W.Media
11:00Session Adjourn

Our Speakers:

Southeast Asia Team

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