To meet its 2025 carbon emissions reduction target, OneAsia, an Asian IT service provider for cloud-based solutions and data center services, said that it will introduce an ‘immersion cooling’ solution in September.

The immersion cooling solution, the first of its type in Hong Kong, considerably lowers data center energy consumption and offers more dependable performance, according to the company. It represents a paradigm change for an industry that uses a lot of energy towards a cleaner future by implementing cutting-edge, sustainable technologies and practices.


What’s Immersion Cooling

Direct liquid cooling, commonly referred to as immersion cooling, is a cutting-edge cooling method that offers a number of advantages over conventional air-cooling methods, particularly when used in high-density settings like data centers. Immersion cooling methods are already well known for their dependability, energy efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Additionally, they are easily scalable to any size of data center.



Air cooling is just insufficient to sustain the dependability of IT systems in facilities with exceptionally high-density racks (usually over 30 kW), regardless of how new or optimized they may be. Liquid cooling is not an option, but rather a must for such facilities (rack power requirements are approaching 20 kW in many facilities, and many companies are aiming to build racks with requirements of 50kW or more).

With immersion cooling, the rack is made expressly so that servers can be installed vertically. The servers are housed in an immersion tank that circulates cooling fluid using a CDU to keep them cool.

Moreover, immersion cooling systems also offer a quieter working environment and also include other benefits like: improved reliability and performance, improved energy efficiency, sustainability and maximizing cost efficiency.

“The introduction of this immersion cooling solution demonstrates our dedication to providing the best colocation solutions that enable customers to meet the increasingly demanding heat dissipation and power requirements for IT infrastructure today. As the first in Hong Kong to provide this add-on service, it will allow our customers to achieve optimum energy efficiency in operation.” said Mr Charles Lee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Legan Group (parent company of OneAsia)

Apart from OneAsia, other leading Immersion Cooling Solutions providers include Submer, Iceotope and GRC. Lee also added that OneAsia’s expertise in end-to-end solutions for digital infrastructure means that the long-term advantages of the new immersion cooling technology include the ability to create resilient digital infrastructure and enable sustainable, future-ready data centers anywhere. 

As the first data center operator in Hong Kong to offer this technology, OneAsia plans to extend the service to all of its other data centers in Greater China as well as in East and Southeast Asia, the company said.

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