India Largest Commercial Deal For Amazon

Amazon Data Services India has leased has leased 222,591 sq mtr land from India’s leading real estate developer K Raheja Corp. This comes in an industrial area with built up area of 4.51 lakh sq ft through a long-term sub lease of over 15 years in Thane and the monthly rent is 62.4 mln rupees, data from registration documents showed. 

K Raheja Corp, will build a ground floor, seven upper floors, and a terrace, totalling an area of 42,000 sq mtr, on a part of land. The terms of the agreement also provide for an expansion to construct and add to the originally proposed building.

India has 138 data centre of 737 MW computing capacity at present, according to a market research by ANAROCK-Binswanger. There will be more than 180 data centres in the country, with 1,752 MW computing capacity, the research said.

Amazon Data Services India offers cloud computing for data storage, protection, safety and recovery, and web hosting services. For the extended period, the revised rent will not be more than 120% or less than 103.5% of the rent last paid.

Under the terms of the lease deed accessed by Informist from data analytic firm Propstack, the rent will increase by 3% every 12 months for the first 36 months, and then by 3.5% for the remaining 144 months. In the 15th year, the monthly rent would be nearly 1 bln rupees.

Globally Amazon Web Services is one of the largest cloud service providers, followed by Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Google Cloud. Data services and data centres are mushrooming across India with the demand for cloud computing and cloud services.

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