Huawei to Launch Cloud Region in Indonesia

Huawei announced that it will open a new Cloud region in Indonesia this year. This announcement was made at the first Huawei Cloud Indonesia Summit. This Region holds the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) level-6 certification and is equipped with the 3AZ DR architecture. Additionally, more than 60 new cloud services will be introduced to provide premium user experiences for online gaming, short video platforms, insurance, and finance.

According to Jacqueline Shi, President of Huawei Cloud’s Global Marketing and Sales Service, Huawei Cloud will support local businesses as they undergo a digital transformation, enable partners to expand, and enable startups to thrive.

In order to assist Indonesia in developing necessary talent for the digital economy, Huawei Cloud will also provide a platform for developers to transmit knowledge, skills and the newest technology. It will also offer cutting-edge cloud services like Cloud Native, AI, pre-training models, databases, and big data to support local firms in remaining competitive and cutting costs.



According to Inka Yusgiantoro, Indonesia’s Head of the Financial Services Sector Research Department of OJK, adoption of cloud technology is a two-edged sword that poses both benefits and threats. The key to accelerating the digital revolution and reducing cyber dangers is to promote credibility.

Consequently, collaboration between governmental organizations, financial institutions, and tech companies like Huawei Cloud has to be improved. In order to solve new problems and promote interoperability in Indonesia’s financial ecosystem, standard norms and policies must be adopted as the digital world becomes more interconnected

For Huawei Cloud, one of the most important geographical areas is the Asia Pacific, and one of its key nations is Indonesia. Here, Huawei Cloud collaborates with more than 500 local partners to offer cloud services and solutions to hundreds of clients across more than ten industries, including government, media, and transportation.

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