Hong Kong Cloud & Datacenter Convention 2023


Thurs, 27th April 2023, 9am – 5pm (GMT +8)

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Time (GMT+8)Topic
10:55Welcome Address

Byron Cristol, Head of Northeast Asia Markets, W.Media

Hall Chairman

11:00Keynote: Data Centre Strategies and Climate Change towards sustainability in Northeast Asia

11:20Panel: How and what changes would be expected in the Hong Kong economy towards the data center industry especially following in the Digital 21 Strategy which took place in 2007?

Hong Kong data center market size was valued at $3.4 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $3.9 billion by 2027.

11:50Keynote: How is HK able to maintain low tax rate and electricity consumption despite all of these aspects and what can other countries do to follow the same idea?

Hong Kong is known for their low tax rates and electricity costs, rich network capability, and suitable climate conditions. There are 22 service providers and 43 data centers in Hong Kong. This comprises 42 colocation facilities, 29 cloud nodes, 13 Internet exchanges (IX), and ten disaster recovery and business continuity (DRBC) sites.

12:00Industry Panel: Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud: Corporate strategy, Costs and Security

Public cloud investment will remain relatively flat over the coming year, planned investment in the private cloud is predicted to nearly double, while traditional data centers look set to plummet 37.5% over the same period. Would tripling the hybrid cloud investment from 13% to 18% be an ideal solution?

12:30 Break

Due to Venue Restrictions, Lunch is Not Included.
14:00Keynote: Advanced technologies to conserve energy at its data centers and increase the use of renewable energy. What are some of the different advanced technologies/strategies used in NEA to conserve energy?

14:20Industry Panel: How does this compare in terms of infrastructure design and what are the questions Enterprise IT should be asking their colocation provider?

Hong Kong was ranked outside the top 10 markets last year but made a big jump in 2022, coming in at sixth place globally and second in Asia-Pacific.

14:50Solution and Case Study Presentation

15:00Keynote: Challenges Of Scaling Cybersecurity – More Attacks, More Structures, More Innovations?

Cloud transformation has been an inevitable trend for organizations to embark on. The cloud brings unprecedented benefits to the technology and innovation landscape. Organizations enjoy a lot of agility and flexibility in their digital innovations. At the same time, the likelihood of making an accidental mistake in configurations, the exposure of sensitive data and applications, the speed of changes, they all add up to a new landscape that traditional attack and defense methodologies no longer applies.

In this session, we will take a deep dive in some of the real case scenarios on cloud cyberattacks and the appropriate response actions that you should take into consideration to embed in your cloud environment.

15:20Panel Discussion: Planning & Policies - Do authorities understand fully the risks involving cloud-based infrastructure?

We select some of the brightest local and international visionaries to share their thoughts on how they see future businesses adopt technology and how their visions impact design and investment along with the policies which are in place.

Who Should Attend? 
  • C-level Executives – CEO, CIO, CTO, CDO, CSO, CISO and others
  • Procurement & Sourcing
  • Head of IT / Data Centers / Networks / Cloud / Digital transformation
  • Heads of Security / Head Network Security / Data center and Cloud Security Practitioners
  • IT / M&E Consultants & Engineers
  • System Integrators                                                     
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