HMB IX to Install Fiber Optic Cables from Grover Beach California to Singapore

HMB Solutions Inc. is set to install subsea fiber optic cables in Grover Beach California. This cable will be connected to Singapore and will carry telecommunications traffic across the ocean, according to Chris Brungardt, the president of HMB Solutions, Inc..

The internet converts everything into a digital signal that is transmitted across the ocean by fiber optic cables. All the way to Singapore, the cables will span for roughly 9,000 miles.

According to Brungardt, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for better communication in a world where more of us use Zoom calls and video broadcasts. These require fiber optic lines and very high quantities of transmission capacity.



In the counties of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, there are 12 fiber optic cable lines. There will be five of these cables at the Grover Beach location alone when this project is finished. Brungardt continued by stating that the Central Coast’s proximity to the major communications hubs of San Francisco and Los Angeles makes it possible to link directly to one trans-Pacific cable.

According to HMB Solutions, who conducted the project’s environmental evaluations, there will be very little of an effect on the ocean’s ecosystems because the cable doesn’t emit any electromagnetic energy there. It has a very minimal impact on the ocean floor due to its small size. Additionally, it will be four feet below the ocean’s surface, allowing fishers to cast straight over it.

Brungardt further noted that the construction will generate annual lease fees for local governments, which will benefit. They also have a contract with the park that includes a sizable upfront payment, annual leasing payments, and an easement fee for the City of Grover Beach since they connect from here to the cable station in Grover Beach.

It’s anticipated that this portion of the project will be finished by Christmas. Grover Beach will get more cable lines in the late 2023 and early 2024 timeframes.

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