Takayuki Ishihara

Manager of DC/NW Planning | NEC Corporation

Koji Kano

Sales Manager | Sevensix Inc.

–   16 years’ sales experience at Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

–   2 years’ sales experience in Honduras at Oki America.

– 14years’ sales experience at KVH Osaka.

–   2year’s sales experience at Equinix Osaka.

–   2years’s sales experience at Sevensix Inc.

Paul Dwyer

Director, xScale Asia Pacific | Equinix

Paul has 10+ years of Data Centre experience in the Asia Pacific region. He is currently a Director and Regional Leader of the xScale platform for Equinix, with a responsibility for site development, new and existing market expansion as well as client engagement. The xScale platform in Asia Pacific is quickly expanding with a JV in Japan announced in 2020 and further expansion in other parts of the region coming soon!

Takuya Yusa

Executive Manager of Data Center Cooling Products Task Force | NTT FACILITIES, INC

Takuya Yusa has 15+ years of experience in the data center industry, mainly in the data center cooling facilities. Now, Yusa, as executive manager of NTT FACILITIES, is responsible for providing globally available but locally customized data center cooling solutions in Japan over the partnerships with global cooling manufactures. Today, Yusa will share some trends of recent facilities’ design for hyper scale data centers in Japan while touching actual track records of data center (mainly cooling) products sales.

Tsutomu Yoneyama

Executive Officer | PTS Consulting Japan

Tsutomu Yoneyama (Yonny) has 25+ years of Data Center industry experience and
is presently Executive Officer at PTS Consulting Japan K.K, an independent
consulting firm providing professional & managed services for IT, Multimedia,
Construction and Facilities.
His major focus is on facilitating digital transformation (DX) through cyber security
governance, risk management, business continuity and resiliency consultancy as
well as project management and telecommunications & network expertise.

Rui Takei

RCDD, DCDC, Board Member |  BICSI Japan

Rui Takei has 20 years of experience in the data center industry, mainly in the Telecommunication “cabling” facilities, and currently is the Chief Telecommunications Engineer at one of the datacenter in Tokyo Japan.
Takei has been involved in the enacting ANSI/BICSI002, a datacenter design/construction qualification since 2013, and serves as vice chairman of Subcommitee for the operational maintenance standard of the BICSI 009 data center. He is also the Chairman of Sub -Committee for BICSI Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC), and is responsible for operating qualifying programs and the translation of the and technical publication materials at BICSI Japan district.

Wong Ka Vin

Managing Director | DC1st

Ka Vin brings with him over 30 years of Executive Management and leadership roles in the ICT industry. He is the Founder and Managing Director of DC1st Pte Ltd, a Singapore company established in 2017.

Prior to establishing DC1st, Ka Vin served as the MD of 1-Net where he led a major rebranding process, continued to grow its revenue by expanding their customer base and built SEA’s 1st Uptime Tier III DCCF DC in Singapore.

Previously, Ka Vin was the MD for CSF Asia where he was responsible for extending CSF Group DC business into Indonesia through the formation of a JV between PT Cyber CSF with KGN Group. He was responsible for constructing Jakarta’s largest and newest Data Center which was designed for the Telecom and Banking Industry. This is now the NTT Nexcenter DC in Jakarta.

Ka Vin spent 11 years in Singapore Technologies Telemedia where he held key management positions.  He was involved in the early days of ST Telemedia’s growth in the industry, working on M&A and tenders for Telco licences both in Singapore and the region. He headed the team that developed the successful proposal for Starhub Mobile. Ka Vin went on to be one of the 2 prime founders of i-STT Data Centre which subsequently became Equinix, the world’s largest data center operator today. At Equinix, Ka Vin was the VP Business Development for Asia and he provided the leadership which ensured all 4 Asia sites delivered a positive EBITDA creating a US$80 million annual recurring revenue contribution from Equinix Asia’s operations by FY 2008.

Ka Vin holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Sheffield Hallam University.