Leo Lee

Leo Lee is a Hong Kong national with over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry ranging from voice systems, networks, project management and product management. He has held senior posts in global corporations such as IBM, Lucent Technologies and Avaya Inc. Prior to joining EPI, Leo worked in HSBC, Deutsche Bank Hong Kong and China data centre projects. Among data centre facilities, he is highly specialized in Structured Connectivity Solutions (SCS). Leo has extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of a project, such as design consultancy, site audits and certification, project management, endorsement of testing performance, problem analysis, and technical specification documentation. Leo has extensive training experience in Asia. He speaks English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Affiliations and Honours

Leo Lee holds PMP, Cisco CCNA and Fluke Networks CCTT professional certification. He also holds the EPI instructor certificates for CDCP, CDCS CDCE and CDFOM. He is a certified Qualification Examiner for the China Ministry of Telecommunication Industry Bureau. He was also the secretary of BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International) Hong Kong Chapter. Leo holds a Master degree in Information Technology from Charles Sturt University in Australia, bachelor degree in Management & Marketing from Australia Curtin University of Technology, and a Higher Diploma of Electronics Engineering from Hong Kong City Polytechnic.

Leo has been delivering the EPI data centre training to hundreds of participants from wide range of business and organizations. That includes Co-Location providers like NTT, Equinix, Biznet Indonesia, Freenet Malaysia. Government bodies like Hong Kong OGCIO (Office of the Government Chief Information Officer), Department of defense and IDA (Infocomm Development Authoriy) of Singapore. Leading banks such as Morgan Stanley, DBS. Telecom operators such as Singapore Telecom, M1, Taiwan ChungWah Telecom, FasEast Tone, Banks. IT companies like Microsoft, IBM, HP. Big corporations like GE, Blackberry, Johnson and Johnson, Coach. He is a very knowledgeable, well-liked and highly respected trainer. Leo was the former SYSTIMAX SCS, iPatch and IBM ACS regional training instructor, as well as certified engineer of ADC Krone, Belden, and TYCO AMP.

Jan Willem Mooren

Jan is a Dutch national who is living in Malaysia since 2006 with more than 25 years of experience in the ICT and data centre industry. He has built up in-depth knowledge and expertise in running mission critical operations whilst working at large financial institutions where governance, efficiency and effectiveness of IT operations were constant on the priority list and where failure/downtime was not an option. This meant that the data centre had to be run at the highest level of performance and efficiency whilst minimizing risk of downtime and staying compliant to the rigorous audit schemes found in financial business. Being active in the IT and data centre industry and holding senior management positions, Jan has worked in government, commercial and not for profit sectors in the areas of service desk, system and network, audit and compliance and security management. Jan is passionate about IT and his personal mission is to bring out the best in people working in the IT and data centre industry. Using his broad knowledge and vast experience he works with people to help them achieve a better understanding of their profession and achieve greater success in their workplace.

Affiliations and Honours
Jan is a long-standing member of ISACA. Voted as best newcomer in the financial industry, he has presented many seminars where he addressed audiences on IT and Data Centre Operations. Voted as best newcomer in the financial industry he has attended many seminars and presented talks on IT and data centre Operations.

Jan is the main developer and master instructor of the EPI IT Training Framework (CITO, CITM and CITD), Digital Transformation and data centre risk management course. He is also an EPI Certified Instructor for CDCP, CDRP and CDFOM. Jan is also a senior auditor for the DCOS, ISO 27001 and SS507 standards. He holds the internationally recognised ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor certification. Jan has conducted many data centre audits in Asia-Pacific, Middle-East and Africa.

Otto de Roo

Otto de Roo is a Dutch national who has over25 years of experience in ICT of which more than 10 years are in the data centre business. Before joining EPI he was managing 13 mission critical data centres in Europe for a large data centre operator. He dealt successfully with all data centre aspects such as daily operations, Green initiatives and many other matters. Otto has been involved in many new-build data centres, deploying new technologies such as Kyoto cooling, Hypoxic based fire prevention and various other technologies. He had also initiated various data centre renovation and data centre migration projects. One of his main goals in running the operations was a tight Security policy and he succeeded in getting all his data centres to comply with ISO 27001, the PCI DSS standard and a number of the data centres also complied with SAS 70. Otto is well travelled and has a passion for learning about different cultures and exploring them to the fullest. He adapts very easily to any situation with a great level of flexibility. Otto has a patient personality. He has educated many people on data centre related topics. Otto participates in a variety of forums where many people has gained knowledge from his broad experience.

Affiliations and Honours
Otto is an active member of a number of data centre professional groups, helping the data centre community with his lessons learned on-the-job to the benefits of other professionals. He is a well-sought speaker for various events.
Otto is a person who has mentored many others to get the most out of their existing data centres whilst minimising the risks of down time and achieving good results in operational efficiencies. He was awarded a “1000 days without down time” certificate by one of the largest oil companies in the world.
Otto has been a driving force in his previous organisation and took upon himself the initiative to introduce an environmental approach within the data centres facilities to realise a reduction of 20% in power consumption during the last few years and planned another 10% for the upcoming years. Otto set up and trained employees to form a lean-and-mean but well-oiled team in a competitive environment to ensure a maximum operational efficiency with a Tier-4 level availability.
He holds the EPI instructor certificate for CDCP, CDCS, CDFOM and CDMS and over the last 3 years with EPI, he has successfully trained more than a thousand students in over twenty countries, all over the world. His students are impressed by the way he can link the data centre course content to real life examples based on his own experiences.

John Sole

John is a New Zealand national who has extensive data centre experience in high technology industries such as financial services, telecommmunications and IT.
Working in the industry for more than 20 years, he has held positions in various areas of responsibility in the data centre, such as technical operations, facility service management and leadership roles in data centre implementation projects.

Affiliations and Honours
In his work with high-availability data centre facilities, John has been awarded numerous awards for his outstanding performance such as the Telecom Advanced Solutions, ‘Being Your Best Award’ for the category ‘Working Together’, the ACENZ Award for the Gen-i New Zealand Super Computer Centre – Build and Implementation, and ‘The Creative Award’ at Bloomberg Asia Pacific Field Service Day.
John holds a Graduate Business Diploma in Information Systems awarded by the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He has undergone formal training and education in a variety of areas such as management, operations and technical (network) infrastructure. John is also a member of AFCOM.

John is an EPI Certified Instructor for CDCP, CDCS, CDFOM, CTDC and CTIA. He has conducted hundreds of classes in various locations in Asia-Pacific, Middle-East and Europe. John is also a senior ANSI/TIA-942 auditor who has conducted numerous ANSI/TIA-942 audits on data centres with different rating levels, sizes and complexities.