Resul Altinkilic

Project Manager Global Key Accounts IT | Rittal - Germany

Project Management Global Key Accounts IT, working on High Performance Computing / Cooling and also on Edge Solutions in the IT hyperscale area.

Involved in the OCP Community since 2017 (Open Compute Project).
Former Project Management for the Automotive and automation industry.

Darren Hawkins

CEO and Founder | SpaceDC

Darren is responsible for the overall growth of SpaceDC and leads all high-level strategic decisions which includes shaping the values and standards of the Senior Leadership Team and essentially the team at SpaceDC. He brings a wealth of insight and experience to the table that gives SpaceDC the competitive edge today and into the future, making the company the leading partner in data center solutions across Southeast Asia.

Stuart Crowley

Editor | W.Media

Experienced in delivering high-quality campaigns and growth for national and global organisations, Stuart is responsible for producing insightful news content and digital marketing initiatives for W.Media.

Before joining W.Media, he found success in social media marketing for a global RegTech providing compliance solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Previous to that, Stuart developed a career by strategising digital campaigns for conferences attended by global visitors through email, content and social media marketing as well as search engine optimisation and paid ads.

Stuart built his skills for producing high-quality content by achieving first-class Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from the UK’s top university for Journalism and English Language.

Want to share a story or discuss a digital marketing campaign with Stuart? Email him at 

Steve Helvie

VP of Channel | Open Compute Project

Steve is currently the VP of Channel for the Open Compute Project (OCP).  In this role he helps to educate organisations on the benefits of open hardware designs and the value of “community-driven” engineering for the data centre. He works closely with Solution Providers and Manufacturers to help organisations adopt Open
Compute across all regions and segments of the market.

Steve spent the last 14 years living and working in Asia holding various Leadership and Channel Development roles for companies like Microsoft and Rackspace. He recently moved to London last year to focus on building the EMEA business.

Currently the VP of Channel for the Open Compute Project (OCP) – an open source project started by Facebook in 2011 focused on high efficiency data centre infrastructure. In this role I help to educate organisations on the benefits of open hardware designs, the value of “community-driven” engineering and how to apply the circular economy in the re-purposing of hyperscale data centre infrastructure for enterprises.