Govt Intoduces News Policy Reforms For Satellite Communications

The government introduced new policy reforms for satellite communications services in an attempt to ease processes and streamline clearances to expedite the rollout of Satcom across the country, especially in remote areas on october 26.

The latest reforms will ease procedures and streamline clearances to expedite the rollout of sitcom services ,especially in remote ares.Some of the satcom-related reforms include mounting of VSAT on any mobile vehicle ,self –certification of antennas,and simplified NOCC process with a single –step procedure .

According to Ashwini Vaishnaw, Minister for communications,Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India,

“For street furniture, SACFA clearances are not required and companies can apply on the Saral Sanchar portal by paying Rs 100.The right of way clearances have come down from 277 days to only 7 days now.”


For all services like VSAT, satellite telephony, etc. that require permits from the department, the government has eliminated network operating and control center prices. Network operation and control center (NOCC) fees for 36 megahertz of spectrum were previously assessed by DoT at a rate of Rs 21 lakh per transponder per year.

The department also delicensed the 865-868 MHz spectrum band for IoT and M2M, 433-434.7MHz and 9-30MHz for wireless charging .Delicensed spectrum does not need to be auctioned, and can be allocated administratively,for a fee.

Mandatory performance verification testing for satellite antennae fee of Rs 6000 which also involved complex procedures, has been removed and process has been simplified.Near field communication used in portable chargers and other electronics is being increasingly manufactured in india . In order to provide ease of business, all three brands for IoT,M2M, for invehicle equipment and for contractless charging ,have been delicensed.

“The direction from PM is clear,we have to take the same level of digital services to the remotest of areas as they’re available in cities.Digital inclusion is a mission of the PM, all hurdles have to be removed to achieve it,”vaishnaw said.

The Minister exhorted the industry to increase tower deployments for a speedy 5G rollout .The current pace of tower deployment needs to increase from 2500 towers a week to 10,000 tower per week ,he said .The government has done its bit in ushering in reforms,and it is now up to the industry to show its commitment, the minister added.

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