Globe Business Eyeing Data Centre Expansion in Philippines

Globe Business is looking at expanding its data centres as digital adoption in Philippines is on the rise.

Telecommunications in the Philippines is a growing market as Filipinos start to embrace a digital lifestyle, resulting in a high amount of data consumption. Peter Maquera, SVP for Globe Business, Enterprise Group, told that there are three main developments that are driving demand for data centers – increasing data traffic and consumption, the demand for edge computing, and the possibility of the Philippines becoming a regional hub for cloud providers due to its strategic location.

“The data centre is one of the foundations of digital infrastructure that enables the Internet to happen. This is a high growth, high potential area, and it’s something we’re very committed to. It is an important infrastructure that the Philippines needs to provide as it becomes digitalised,” he said.

Maquera said the Philippines continues to be the earliest adopter of digital, and it spends the most time on the Internet than any country in the region. As a result, total data traffic per capita grows by 55-60 per cent a year and is expected to reach 40,903 petabytes (PB) by 2025 from 473 PB in 2015. Data consumption per person per month, on the other hand, is likely to reach 28.9 GB in 2025 from 0.4 GB a decade before.

Globe Business has a nationwide network of data centres serving its internal needs and corporate clients. The extended lockdowns increased the demand for and usage of cloud-centric applications running on Hyperscalers like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle, to name a few. Local enterprises are also moving their systems and applications to the cloud.

Maquera pointed out that many companies are looking to localize content for business efficiency, which presents opportunities for Edge data centres. Edge data centres process data and services close to end-users. Thus, if content delivery platforms use facilities closer to the customer, latency will be reduced, websites will load faster, and video streaming will be much better.

Venkatesh Ganesh

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