EPI Announces New and Improved Data Center Operations Standard 2021

Many data center operators and customers using data center services, have come to realize that without adequate processes and maintenance programs, the data centers are at risk of not meeting the expected availability levels which could seriously impact their investment and business. Research has supported this thought with evidence that most data centers go down due to operational issues.

The problem can be traced to a gap in the data center industry where it is missing a complete, practical and easy-to-use benchmark specifically written for data center operations. Typically, the industry uses generic standards such as ITIL®, ISO-9000, ISO-20000, ISO-27001, among others. While these are good generic benchmarks for their respective scopes, they are not a good fit for the complex data center operations environment which has 11 critical disciplines. A mix-and-match of ISO standards which are generic and not integrated with each other as well as lacking the full scope of a data center puts data center operators and their users at risk.

Launched since 2016, DCOS® addresses the full scope of the data center operations which consists of 11 disciplines – Service Level Management, Organization, Safety, Security, Project, Facilities, Data Center Operations, Environmental Sustainability, Monitoring/Reporting/Control, Organizational Resilience, and Governance, Risk and Compliance. It is complete, practical, easy-to-use and auditable. The DCOS® 2021 has been improved and updated to address the current state and needs of the industry.

These benchmarks allow operators to identify which level they are currently at and plan for progressive improvement.

EPI supports the Data Center Operations Team Category at Southeast Asia Cloud & Datacenter Awards 2021.

At the same time, they also serve data centers customers as benchmarks to select data center providers that best suit their business requirements, where critical applications are best served by data center providers with the highest DCOS® level.

According to Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO of the EPI Group of Companies, “I’m very excited with the release of DCOS® 2021. DCOS® is developed following the stringent ISO/ANSI standards development process. The DCOS® 2021 standard committee was a multinational committee demonstrating a true global presence. It had 61 members from 26 countries covering 6 continents. The members are hands-on data center professionals from 44 organizations representing a broad range of industries including, but not limited to; commercial data centers, financial institutions, IT, aviation, governments, telecommunications providers, system integrators, etc. The committee meetings were invigorating and engaging. It is an honor to collaborate with them. Many excellent points were brought up, debated, and voted on before the final publication. The DCOS® 2021 is a vendor-neutral, open global standard applicable to any type of data center.

Vincent Liew

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