DoT Requires Telecom Infrastructure Firms To Share Assets

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has amended its registration rules for telecom infrastructure companies, allowing the central government to notify entities to access their assets in the public interest and for national security.

Shared assets such as dark fibers, duct space, and mobile towers of telecom infrastructure companies were previously allowed on mutually agreed terms.

According to T R Dua, DIPA Director General said.

“The infrastructure providers do carry out the survey and check the structural stability of tower(s), ensure availability of space and power before the installation of telecom tower. IP-1s also ensure that the working of telecom equipment is not affected in any manner and all measures are taken needed to be in full compliance with the regulations. Sharing of the mentioned infrastructure with the entities needs to be agreed mutually,”


The norms amended on November 10 added that “IP-1 registration holders shall also share the above-mentioned infrastructure with the entities as may be specified by the central government in the interest of national security and public interest as per the terms and conditions which may be specified by the central government”.

Telecom infrastructure body Digital Infrastructure Providers Association (DIPA), which represents companies like Indus Towers and American Tower Corporation, said that the amendment in the Scope of IP-1 registration has been addressed with regards to the implementation of National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project (NCRMP) and ensuring the safety of the citizens.

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