Digital China & Gausscode to Promote Digital Transformation in Auto Industry

DC Clouds, a cloud and digitalization service provider and a subsidiary of Digital China, and Gausscode, a consumer-centric big data technology and application solution provider, signed a strategic partnership agreement to advance the digitization of the automotive industry.

The “Shenzhou Cloud| Digital Cloud Car io+ Service” was jointly released by Digital China and Gausscode at the signing ceremony to fully utilize the two firms’ industrial accumulation, technical prowess, and understanding of digitalization and cloud.

The idea of cloud computing is not new. Businesses in the software technology industry have been utilizing cloud computing for a variety of purposes, including data backup, disaster recovery, software development, and testing. However, the cloud is currently growing in popularity across a variety of other areas, including healthcare, insurance, education, retail, marketing, and the auto industry.



Globally, automotive manufacturers are now investing in cloud technologies to enhance the driving experience wherein through collision avoidance and inter-vehicle communication, cloud technology in cars can help save lives.

Moreover, smart autos can also route the trip more swiftly to the destination using the vehicle cloud and instantly adjust to changing road conditions. It wouldn’t be incorrect to argue that cloud computing is quickly becoming a necessary feature for modern and smart vehicles.

Hence, the long-term partnership between DC Cloud and Gausscode will concentrate on the applications of digital cloud integration in the auto industry, including aspects like digital cloud governance, analysis, and applications.

Digital China and Gausscode hope to aid in the digital transformation and growth of the automotive industry by combining their multifaceted digital services, which include a big data tool platform, intelligent decision-making systems, and creative solutions.

With their agreement on the integration of the digital cloud, Digital China and Gausscode will collaborate closely in the future on the horizontal expansion of the automotive industry as well as on multifaceted cooperation and in-depth innovation in several other industries.


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