Uttar Pradesh Cabinet Amends Data Center 2021 Policy

Uttar Pradesh government has made policy amendments to the Data Center 2021 policy. 

According to reports, the Uttar Pradesh Cabinet approved amendments to the data Center 2021 policy, paving the way for more data centers to be opened in the state. A data centers hub is set to emerge in the state with the recent opening of the first data center in Greater Noida and the Yogi Government deciding to establish seven more in the state in future, for which the Cabinet approved the proposal to amend the policy.

This will enable the government led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to open data centres not only in Noida and Greater Noida but also in other districts. The data centres’ capacity will, however, be less than that of the capacity of the newly opened data centre in Greater Noida.

The government has clearly instructed departments to make the required changes in their policies ahead of the Global Investors Summit, so that they are not only better than other states but also more investor-friendly, the release said.

The cabinet also approved proposals for revision of the Start-up Policy. Under this, five new centres of excellence will be opened in the state of which three have already been opened, the release said.

Funds up to Rs 10 crore will be provided by the government for the same. These five centres of excellence will be opened in emerging fields like quantum computing, 3D printing, 5G, virtual reality and space tech, among others.

Arrangements have also been made to promote innovative culture in schools through awareness camps and accelerated programmes. The sustainability allowance has been increased from Rs 15,000 to 17,500. Now, a grant of Rs 5 lakh will also be available for making prototypes.

Earlier, this system was not there. Fifty per cent more incentives will be provided to start-ups in sectors, such as those affecting the rural environment, recycling waste, environmental protection and renewable energy.

Apart from this, the definition of women-participatory start-ups has also been fixed. Under this, it is necessary to have 26 per cent of women participation in start-ups, the release said.

Proposals related to IT were also cleared by the cabinet of which three investment proposals have been approved in the IT Policy 2017.One of them is Microsoft, while the other is MQ and the third is Paytm, the release said, adding that these three companies will invest in Noida.Microsoft will invest Rs 2,186 crore, MACQ Rs 483 crore and Paytm will invest Rs 638 crore. Through this investment, 14,185 people will get employment.

In addition, two investment proposals for data centres were also approved. Singapore-based company STP will invest Rs 1,130 crore in setting up a data centre in Noida, while another company SKBR will invest Rs 2,692 crore. Through these projects, 4,000 people will get employment, as per the release.

The cabinet also gave its nod to three new universities in the state. The JSS University of Karnataka will open its branch in Noida and SD Singh University in Fatehgarh-Farrukhabad and SDGI Global University in Ghaziabad.

Yotta Infrastructure has launched North India’s first hyper-scale data center, Yotta D1, built at a cost of Rs 5,000 crore and an area of 3,00,000 square feet at the upcoming Data Centre Park in Greater Noida.

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