Cloud’s Full Potential to be Realized by Indonesian Enterprises: Lintasarta Cloudeka

Lintasarta Cloudeka, a subsidiary of Lintasarta– Indonesia’s leading provider of information and communications technology, aims to help enterprises in Indonesia to realize the full potential of Cloud.

Since the advent of cloud computing, businesses in Indonesia have embraced it, in large part due to the widespread usage of mobile devices and social media by their customers. With the use of cloud computing, businesses may quickly build digital channels to communicate with their customers online.

Additionally, following the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses were forced to find better ways for their workers to work from home, for customers to order and receive goods and services from any location, and for suppliers and partners to communicate digitally in order to support the company’s supply chain.



They soon learned that cloud services like video conferencing, online shopping, and social media-based marketing had become an essential component of their business. Because of this circumstance, cloud computing is being adopted in Indonesia more rapidly.

Lintasarta is present throughout Indonesia and provides everything from fiber optics to data centers and satellite networks with 54 locations distributed across the country and more than 2,400 business customers.

These include the top companies in a variety of industries, including banking, government, healthcare, higher education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications sector, and technology industry.

According to Ginandjar, Marketing & Solution Director at Lintasarta, Lintasarta Cloudeka is recognized as the cloud service provider from and for Indonesia across the country.

A comprehensive portfolio of managed services, including full Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), backup and disaster recovery-as-a-service, cloud object storage, and everything in between, are among the many cloud solutions and services provided by Lintasarta Cloudeka.

Moreover, they have a really strong understanding of the needs of the industries they serve. Hence, they provide end-to-end cloud services to a diverse customer base, which includes large global enterprises and small- and medium-sized businesses, and help them realize the full potential of the cloud, enhancing and growing their businesses in the process.

While Ginandjar believes that some misconceptions regarding the cloud still exist among many Indonesian businesses, such as the idea that the cloud’s major use cases—while valuable ones—are storage and backup, he believes that this is changing.

Furthermore, for enterprises to fully benefit from cloud computing, the ability of the company leaders to comprehend the potential advantages of cloud computing to improve customer engagement, innovate the business and operating model, boost revenue, and decrease expenses should be the first step.


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September 15, 2021