Malaysia Convention: Cloud & Datacenters, 8 NOV

0800 Registration & Welcome
0900 Chairman Welcome Address
0910 “Cloud First” strategy to accelerate the Digital Economy
Senior Executive, MDEC
0940 Keynote: Thriving in a digital economy – Learning from the top 3 IT innovations and transformations in the   world
1010 Visionary panel: The bigger plans of things – Making Malaysia as the ideal data center location; addressing the barriers, the impact of deregulation of connectivity, the ecosystem of cloud and disaster recovery providers, the talent pool and more.
Andrew Martin, Zerto
Thyaga Rajan, Malaysian Data Centre Alliance (MDCA)
Weng-Yew Wong, Johor Bahru Internet Exchange (JBIX)
1050 Session Break
1120 Case Study – Keys to Successful Data Centre Relocation and Consolidation
Senior Executive, Bridge Data Centres
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1150 Panel: Cloud Movement in Malaysia – looking into challenges, benefits and the transformations to come.
Dr Jasmine Begum, Microsoft Malaysia
Anthony Lim, Cloud Security Alliance
1230 Transformation from traditional IT infrastructure to Hybrid Cloud
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1300 Session Break
1400 Key considerations for data center selection and connectivity in Malaysia
1430 Innovate for impact: Driving the next 80% improvement in data center performance
1500 Rethink: What to do with legacy facilities? Looking into strategy, technologies adoption and at the IT and data center teams; transforming inefficient data centers in a cost-effective manner; building a culture of excellence in data center engineering and operations.
Chris Ow Yong, C2 Consultant
Senior Executive, Bridge Data Centres
1540 Evening Drinks Reception