Alibaba Cloud to Fully invest in Industrial IoT

On October 19, at the Apsara Conference 2021, Alibaba Cloud reaffirmed its commitment to
the internet of the future- industrial internet.

Alibaba Intelligent IoT Business Division General Manager Wang Xiaodong announced that the company will fully invest in the intelligent products and intelligent manufacturing strategy to help provide more efficient hardware intelligence and production digitalisation. Wang Xiaodong is striving to empower one billion intelligent devices and transform 100,000 digital factories within three years through the product technology and ecology of intelligent products and intelligent manufacturing. Further, Wang Xiaodong said Alibaba Cloud IoT will fully invest in intelligent products and intelligent manufacturing. Alibaba will link 0.9 billion consumers and three million enterprises to integrate IoT software and hardware ecology and promote better integration of the consumer Internet and the industrial Internet.

Better Internet integration needed

Wang Xiaodong is of the view that the essence of intelligent products and intelligent manufacturing is the development of the Internet in the service industry. One of the major concerns around IoT is that the highly developed consumer Internet needs to be better integrated with the industrial Internet to meet the escalating consumer demand. “There are three general needs for the development of the industrial Internet: product digitisation (equipment intelligence), production digitisation, and industrial chain digitisation. Intelligent products and intelligent manufacturing were created as a result. Among them, intelligent products serves the needs of intelligent services, while intelligent manufacturing serves the needs of the digitalisation of production and the industrial chain,” he said.

Big Data platform for Agri sector

In Chongqing, Alibaba Cloud Feiiplat Industrial Internet and Chongqing Nongtouliangpin Co., Ltd. established a big data platform for the agricultural products’ industrial Internet. In combination with the industrial resources of Nongtou Group in the five major fields of the milk, meat, egg, seed, and fish industries, the supply chain access standards were formulated and a smart marketing system centred on e-commerce, including order, demand, planning and supply management was established.

Let’s take one of the agricultural products, Three Gorges Honeypot, as an example. It applies intelligent products and intelligent manufacturing. Alibaba Cloud helps it realise the intelligence of beehives and other beekeeping tools in the production process. It also controls honey quality through the blockchain traceability platform and the collaborative traceability platform for production and marketing. At the same time, it relies on the entire industrial Internet platform to complete the order with supply and demand management.

After the reshaping of the whole industrial chain, the original cost of honey was reduced by more than 50 per cent, the processing was intensified, the processing cost was reduced by more than 15 per cent, the sales were market-oriented, and the sales volume of C-side channels increased by more than 20 per cent. More enterprises are completing the digital transformation of intellectual products or intelligent manufacturing.

Industrial data usage

Alibaba Cloud helps Luyuan Electric Vehicles realize non-inductive unlocking. Alibaba Cloud helps ROBAM (an electric appliances manufacturer brand) use industrial data of thousands of sensors to build unmanned workshops. Alibaba Cloud AIoT solutions are composed of intelligent products and applications, widely serving city managers, sharing service providers, and providing new retail service providers, etc.

Wang Xiaodong said Alibaba Cloud IoT, in conjunction with Alibaba’s technical forces such as Alibaba DAMO Academy and T-head, has built an AIoT platform integrated with the edge of the cloud network for the Internet of Things. It offers 99.99 per cent high availability and leading technical advantages in AI, low code development, and security.

Alibaba Cloud, Tmall, Taobao, Tmall Genie, T-head, and DAMO Academy have released the Intellectual Products and Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan to execute the three-year goal effectively. Alibaba Cloud IoT will provide intellectual products and intelligent manufacturing enterprises with 100 million yuan of free IoT cloud platforms, security, connection, and other software and hardware resources, as well as tens of millions of bonus pools and software and hardware resources for 100,000 developers.

Tmall will issue up to 500,000 free traffic coupons to businesses that start broadcasting for the first time and complete corresponding tasks before Double 11. Taobao Alliance will subsidise one billion commissions throughout the Double 11 cycle.

Like the consumer internet, China is looking to transform the industrial internet.

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Venkatesh Ganesh

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