Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Plans To Establish Data Lab Center

Sovereign wealth fund major, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), intends to establish a stand-alone center for fundamental and practical research in data and computational sciences. It is anticipated that the lab will actively contribute to the ongoing growth of Abu Dhabi’s digital ecosystem, focusing on projects that could lead to the creation of start-ups.

The lab’s launch will bring together global experts in the data and computational science fields “while helping to embed a scientific mindset throughout its organisation,” ADIA, estimated by Global SWF to manage $829 billion in assets, said in a statement.

According to ADIA(Abu Dhabi Investment Authority)lab,

“The centre will operate as stand-alone entity, with broad research goals that are not specific to investment-related applications,It will explore the latest trends and technology in data and computational sciences across all major fields of study.”


Horst Simon has been appointed as director of ADIA Lab. Mr Simon was formerly with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he served for more than 10 years as deputy lab director for research and chief research officer.

The board will be in responsibility for overseeing the creation and execution of the lab’s research plans and programmes. Data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, high-performance computing, and quantum computing are all included in the study’s scope.

ADIA Lab will also explore the application of research in areas such as climate change and energy transition, blockchain technology, financial inclusion and investing, decision making, automation, cyber security, health sciences, education, telecoms and space, The launch of Adia Lab is expected to provide Adia with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with global experts in the data and computational science community, while helping to embed a scientific mindset throughout its organisation,Adia said.

The lab will enter into partnerships with global institutions to design educational programmes, sponsor research projects and fund reproducible research, offer fellowships and internships, host seminars, as well as run competitions and best paper awards.

ADIA will provide its employees with the chance to participate in educational seminars and programmes as well as collaborative research initiatives at Adia Lab as part of the project.

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