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Our Mission

Our goal is to foster community and forge connections within Asia’s IT industry. We believe that the technologies of the future are sparked by conversations in the present, so we provide a platform connecting you directly to the most relevant stakeholders in our global network.

Our Digital Engagements

Our content and digital marketing packages magnify the visibility of your brand’s products and services. Whether you are a new entrant or established businesses, we help position you as leaders and innovators in the marketplace with a holistic 360º marketing strategy.

Our LIVE Engagements

Our events and partnership opportunities help make your marketing more dynamic. We help you to add a personalized customer experience through 15+ years of understanding industry needs and meticulous community curation.

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Your cutting edge technology
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Our Milestones

April 2018

A star is born!

July 2018

W.Media’s inaugural Cloud & Datacenter Convention series successfully held in Singapore. Attended by 1000 senior executives.

December 2018

An extremely successful first year in operation. A pioneering team and community is formed. A positive first financial year is a dream come true for a startup.

July 2020

A busy first half of the year capped by producing a Launch Event for Power Partners.

April 2020

Open Compute Project (OCP) chose W.Media to host their three-part series APAC Webinar. This opportunity coincided with W.Media’s launched into digital events. The rest is history!

December 2019

It was a year of abundance! What a wonderful team we have in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. A rewarding second year for our colleagues.

July 2020

More than just change, W.Media redefined “Rate of Change”. Successful launch of new digital products and services within 2 weeks saw an surge in web traffic and following by 300% – 400%

December 2020

A year full of surprises! W.Media came through an extremely tough year with flying colours. We outperformed 2019, a great 2019.

April 2021

W.Media transitions to a new digital format to accommodate a growing audience and social distancing measures, complete with one-on-one interviews, case studies, panel discussions and more!