How Cloud Computing Has Changed The Face of Business Operations In The 21st Century

The modern company looks nothing like companies of the past solely due to advancements that have occurred in technology. Going beyond the mere fact that computers themselves have become far more advanced. In particular, cloud computing has had a revolutionary impact on businesses around the world in the last two decades that has never been […]

NTT to Invest $59 Billion in AI and Data Centers Over Next Five Years

NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone) has announced plans to invest 8 trillion yen ($59 billion) over five years in artificial intelligence (AI), data centers, and other growth areas. The investment is part of a larger 12 trillion yen spending plan for the medium term. A significant portion of the investment, at least 1.5 trillion yen, […]

Vietnam Urges to Boost AI Ecosystem Across Various Sectors

Vietnam needs to invest in the AI ecosystem in different factors and fields, including computer hardware and software, cloud computing, data, machine learning algorithms, AI applications, user markets, and regulatory systems, to benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI), said Nguyen Tien Dung, Torus.AI (Torus Actions) Company’s Director. According to Dung, the AI industry offers abundant career […]

In The Midst Of Tech Layoffs The APAC Region DC Sector Keeps Rising 

Mass layoffs are hitting the tech sector as a result of economic recession concerns despite a hiring spree that saw over 150000 people employed in 2022, as per the study by 365 DataScience. The pace accelerated in 2023 due to an uncertain economy and slowing revenue growth with 68,500 new job cuts in the first […]

NextDC Expands with New Data Centers in Malaysia and New Zealand

NextDC, an Australian data center operator, is planning phased development of two new data centers in Auckland, New Zealand and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to accelerate its expansion plans and to cater to growing demand for data center services across the Asia-Pacific region. According to Craig Scroggie, New Zealand and Malaysia are just the first greenfield […]

Area31 Data Center Becomes First Data Center in ASEAN to Receive ISO 22237 Certification

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Area31 data center located in Depok, West Java, Indonesia, has become the first data center in ASEAN to receive the ISO 22237 certification. According to local reports, EPI, an international independent certification body, has awarded the ANSI/TIA-942-B Rated 3 Facilities Certificate and ISO/IEC 22237 Availability Class 3 & Protection Class 3 certifications to Area31. Area31 […]