Web Werks and Iron Mountain come together to launch their first data center in Hyderabad

India has experienced significant growth in the digital industry, with numerous companies and startups emerging in the digital development sector. In a recent development, The Web Werks – Iron Mountain Data Centers (IMDC) Joint Venture (JV), has announced the launch of its first data center (HYD-1) on its campus in Hyderabad, India. Located in the […]

Acronis Launches New Cyber Cloud Data Center in Kuala Lumpur

Acronis has opened its first cyber cloud data center in Kuala Lumpur. The data center aims to provide a range of cyber protection solutions and manage data protection needs. The new data center in Malaysia is part of Acronis’ global network of cyber cloud data center, which spans over 50 locations worldwide. According to reports, […]

India’s Data Center Industry Experiences Rapid Growth and Technological Advancements In 2023

India’s data center industry has been witnessing significant growth and technological advancements, positioning the country as a major player in the global data center market. Several recent developments indicate the increasing importance of India’s data center infrastructure and its potential for further expansion. Surge in Data Center Investments: Over the past year, there has been […]

China to Develop its Own Version of Subsea Fiber-Optic Cable

China has reportedly decided to develop its own underwater fiber-optic cable alternative after losing the bid to build the “SeaMeWe-6” data-link connecting Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The cable route would pass through several countries, including France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, before diverging to China’s Hainan province and Hong Kong, with an anticipated […]

Cloud Computing Gains Traction in Southeast Asia’s Public Sector

Governments in Southeast Asia are increasingly turning to cloud adoption in the public sector as a means of providing prompt and efficient services to their citizens, according to Amazon Web Services (AWS). According to Eric Conrad, AWS regional managing director for public sector in ASEAN, they are seeing public sector organizations move into a new […]