Middle East Become Focus for Cloud Providers

The Middle East is increasingly becoming a key focus area for cloud providers. A spate of recent developments point to this trend. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has added the United Arab Emirates as a Region. Similarly, Microsoft added Qatar as a Region. The second region in the Middle East that Amazon has recently announced is […]

Cisco Invests in WebEx Data Center in India

Cisco, US-based multinational technology services and telecom equipment provider, has announced that it is making investments into dedicated data center space in India for WebEx, its suite of services for remote conferencing, file sharing, and contact center operations. Regulatory permissions for WebEx in India will be obtained as well as a domestic data center will […]

Tencent Cloud Premieres at GITEX in Dubai

Tencent, a major global technology corporation, announced the launch of its cloud division at GITEX, an international trade expo for computers and electronics held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With the topic “Cloud for Digital Entertainment and Digital Content,” Tencent Cloud will make its debut at the conference. This theme demonstrates how the firm would […]

A Human Introduction To Artificial Intelligence

As people, as humans, as a species; we are filled with inconsistencies and ironies. We live by a deceptively rigid set of morals and character values that are flexible and subject to situations we deem worthy. The cliché of ‘pushing our minds to the limit’ is partly deceiving; elite athletes, obsessed artists and zealous business […]

ePLDT Vitro Data Center Receives New ISO Certification for Energy Efficiency

Vitro Data Center, the Philippines’ largest data center network, has received another certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO); this time, it is for putting in place an energy management system that promotes energy efficiency. The ISO 50001:2019 Energy Management System certifies the group’s compliance with the international standards of effective energy management to […]