Why CIO’s Dread Web3

Mention the term blockchain and Web3 to CIO’s and there is an uneasy silence. Even as blockchain and Web3 are beginning to find a higher degree of acceptance amongst common people, enterprises are still uncomfortable with a decentralized ledger system and the idea of Metaverse in their business areas. Enterprise CIO’s mention multiple barriers such as lack […]

ZTE Powers Philippines’ DITO Super Core Data Center

ZTE Corporation, global leader in telecommunications and information technology, has announced that it has helped DITO Telecommunity, one of the major telecommunications companies in the Philippines, launch the DITO Super Core Data Center in Batangas, Philippines. As the primary partner in this project for DITO Telecommunity, ZTE has contributed a wealth of end-to-end expertise, from […]

Huawei Launches “Go Cloud, Go Global” in Thailand

Huawei Technologies, China’s telecommunications giant, has launched “Go Cloud, Go Global” in Thailand. This initiative is part of the company’s strategic approach to enhance technology engagement with partners across 5G, cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital skill building in order to advance the digital economy. Currently, more than 38,000 partners support Huawei Cloud globally. In […]