Why And How Oil Impacts The Data Center Industry

There has been no greater war than the one humanity is facing now; climate change. The consequence of industrial revolution has raised temperatures world-wide, led animal species to extinction and put future generations under a dark, foreboding shadow. There is a macabre humour in the irony of technological advancement; it seems the more we innovate […]

AWS Launches 2nd Region in UAE

Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced the launch of its second Region in the Middle East. With a planned $5 billion investment in the regional economy through 2036, AWS projects that its estimated spending on the development and operation of the new Region will support an average of roughly 6,000 full-time employments annually at external […]

Over 45 Data Centers in India are Expected to Come Up by 2025

India’s data center industry is currently valued USD 5.6 billion and is likely to increase as more than 45 data centers are anticipated to come up by 2025, according to the report of Anarock and Binswanger, real estate services companies. Currently, India has 138 data centers with a total area of around 11 million square […]